Kiss my numb lips

Orson couldn't make Jeremy feed anymore than he could make an alcoholic put down the bottle.  This was the way of the younglings.The newly transformed. Jeremy was the reason they were still in hiding like criminals. Because they were criminals. Jeremy wasn't prepared...his mortality raped from his body. Some one didn't tell him he was getting the short hand of the stick...

Orson sank on his bed and gulped the last of his blood wine. It was Shiraz. Orson didn't normaly drink. But he was in that sort of mood... A dreamy sort of one filled with wine and candles. If it wasn't so late or early depending how you saw it...He would of went to the source of his mood. Orson wondered if she suffered like this too. Did the longing keep her up too?

One the other side of the room. Luka paced. She had decied to let the visions play out for themselves. Let Leigh hang up the phone...It wasn't a matter of not messing with fate. Luka had her visions for a reason and it wasn't just to daydream all day. But this time Luka was going to do just that...was being the operative word.

It wasn't healthy for Leigh to become so attatched to her imaginary friend. She was going to slowly fade away. Leigh would lose her co dependent and move on. But here Luka was thinking of doing it again. It was this empty room that was the deciding factor. She couldn't do this in her private space. The room felt tainted to her.

Leigh was on tittering on the edge. Something worse than sucicde would occur if she kept this up...Luka couldn't keep yelling at her. It wasn't helping. Luka couldn't help her that way. The only thing she could do was bring someone who could.

Luka had never transported souls the the Lightworld. Other than her own. She heard that is was possible...challenging but possible. The Lightworld was many things. When the moon was new the door opened up. She could take them to that place. A place  where the past didn't matter. Where there was no past. No future. The present streched on for miles.

Luka made a wide circle of water. It was high tide perfect. Luka looked at her moat. It didn't bleed. It remained a perfect circle.  The circle would protect her body as her spirit opened the door. Her spirit could easily walk into the Lightworld. Her spirit recognized it as home. Orson and Leigh's couldn't just walk in. So In the circle Luka placed a written page and a dagger. A piece of Leigh and piece of Orson.

There was no chanting or spells. Luka wasn't a witch. She was just  gifted. Luka stared hard at the objects. Then started blinking until the objects merged into one. From the other side of the wall she heard Orson scream outloud. It was never pleasant having your soul ripped from your body.Luka didn't dwell on the noise. It was to late to turn back know. She closed her eyes and held open the door. Luka watched Orson walk through it. Leigh peered in and looked around.  Nothing seemed out of the ordinary so she walked through it.

This was an odd dream Orson thought. He was in his fighting clothes but he was barefoot. Orson didn,t like the feel of leather on his skin. He would of changed if he was at home. He was in Leigh's house. And all the windows were open. Morning sun streamed in and summer winds blew accross his bare feet.

But where was Leigh?

Leigh was in her bathtub with her clothes on. Well they weren't really hers. It was something she saw in a fashion magazine and liked. She was wearing black ankle boots, black opaque tights, Black lacey dress and strings of pearls. She wondered what this dream meant. Maybe some sort of baptism...

Orson knocked on the bathroom door. There was no answer. Orson slowly opened the door and peered in. He didn't question the image infront of him. He had seen weirder things in his lifetime.

Leigh looked up at the ceiling numbly. She didn't care that her boots were filled with water or that her dress was no doubt semi transparent by now. She just stared at the ceiling.

Orson looked at her curiously. Captivated. If she had the desire to talk she would have told him not to waste his time. She wanted to swim but she wasn't going very far in a bathtub. She was stuck here and he didn't need to be stuck too.

Orson didn't ask her why she was in the bathtub. She never asked things about him she just accepted. Orson could do the same.

Orson pulled the stopper out of the tub. For awhile all they both did was watch the water twist and whirl away. Then Orson steped into the tub.Leigh bent her legs to give him room to sit down. Orson looked at the tub's ledge and decied it might be safer to ease into the tub. He sat on the ledge and lifted up one of Leigh's booted feet. She didn't flinch so he slowly unzipped the boot. Then they other. Still Leigh didn't look at him.

Orson slowly sat down beside her. He saw that she was shivering from the cold. He wanted to warm her with his body and then decied he could this was a dream after all. This Leigh was less closed off. It probably wouldn't be the same. But he just needed to feel her skin against his. He would embrace this Leigh.

He didn't move on top of her but some how her body floated underneath his. They were face to face know. Heart to Heart. He could feel the rise and fall of her chest and her breath on his face. And still she didn't flinch.  But she showed no joy either. Just that same numbness.

" Are you numb from the cold? Please let me warm your lips"

Leigh didn't speak or nod. But her face was titled closer to his. He supposed this was the only answer he was going to get. He gave her a quick soft kiss. It was long enough to show her what kind of lover he could be...What kind of love he could give her. He knew he was going to far but he just had to kiss her neck. Then he mouthed the pearls closest to her neck all the way along.

That's when he felt her clinging to him. But not in an eager,sexual way. She was clinging for dear life. Leigh was not shivering from the cold. She was terrified. He prayed to god he wasn't source.

" What are you afraid of?"

Leigh looked at his grey eyes. He had the saddest most beautiful eyes she had ever seen. He seemed like someone who cared. And not cared so they could get something in return. She felt like she could trust him with her secert.

" I'm not normal" She muttered

Orson laughed " I'm the odd one. I'm a frickin vampire and you think your odd"

Orson ran his tongue accross his fangs to get the point accross but there was no fangs there. He ran his tongue accross his entire mouth. His teeth were all oddly flat.

Leigh looked up at him puzzled.

Orson muttered " Perhaps that was in another life"

Leigh nodded in agreement.

" I'm not what your use to...I need the water. The salt water..." Leigh said.

Orson quickly got off her and crouched beside her. He needed to take her into the ocean but why? People didn't live in salt water. But she did say she wasn't human. So what was she then?

" Do you need me to take you to the ocean?"

Leigh nodded.

Orson moved to pick her up. But she was vulnerable...She needed to know she still had a choice over what happened to her body.

" Is it okay if I pick you up?" Orson asked

Leigh nodded.

Orson scooped her up effortlessly. Except for her leps they felt heavy, limp. But they weren't paralyzed she had moved them...

Orson kicked open the french doors and jumped off her deck into the sand. He gently set her down in the sand. He needed to collect his thoughts. She watched her nosetrales grow wide as she eagerly smelt the sea air. It seemed cruel to deprive her of it... But he had to know.

" Are you a mermaid?'

Leigh nodded.

" You can't live like us..."

Leigh looked at her feet and nodded.

Then she looked up at those gray eyes. There were tears in her eyes. But they never left her eyes.

" I thought I could. I tried..." Leigh said

" So there's no way..."

Leigh interrupted " You wouldn't want to live like this. It's beautiful and wonderful but..."

Orson cleared his throat " I'm not ready to let you go"

" I'm not going anywhere. I'm still right here. And we both know you wouldn't ever trap me.You know I can't stay on this beach forever..."

Orson nodded and silently picked her up. He counted the steps and his breath until they got to the wet sand. He didn't want to think about not seeing her again. He didn't see what she was saying. He'd never be a merman and she'd never be human. Even if they could see each other every now and then would it be enough?

Orson stepped into the water. He walked until he didn't see a rocky bath or seeweed in the way. Then he set her down. But didn't move his arms away from her body. He felt her legs moving eagerly in the water. Her eyes and hair turned bluer in the water. She was beautiful in the water. Healthy and happy. Everything he wanted for her...

Leigh shyly took his face in her hands and just held his gaze.

She whispered " I'm here. Come and find me.

He still didn't know where here was. Somehow he knew her diffintion of her didn't just include the ocean. If he ever found out where here was...

Orson nodded and moved his hands from her waist. She slowly swam away on her back. He watched until she was even less than a black dot in the horizon.

He crumbled his fist in frustration but let it go loosely. So what if this wasn't exactly what he invisioned. He was a grown up not a starry eyed school girl. She needed the ocean. If he wanted her he would have to work around it. There was no compromise...

The End

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