The student


" I told you he  was new. I believe my exact words were ' this is Jeremy. He is new' " Steffan said anonyed

Orson threw his hands up in the air and brief paced out of Steffan's office. He almost crashed into Jeremy on the way out. Jeremy stumbled and caught himself on the wall. Orson muttered an apology and paced right back into Steffan's office.

" I thought you meant he was a new warrior. Not a new vampire. I thought I was just teaching him about tatics...not about...LIFE " Orson said irrated.

Steffan looked up from his stack of paper. He  shoved the papers to the side and left a pen to roll of his desk.

" There's no one better for that job" Steffan said simply

" I don't know a thing about life..." Orson argued.

Steffan said " That's why your the best. I don't want him to be perfect. A warrior is only perfect in legend. We need more than legend, storytelling. We need action. Solid thought behind the action"

Jeremy stopped hovering in the doorway. He moved behind Orson. He wanted to be apart of his own future but he still felt like all he was doing was hovering in the doorway.

Jeremy cleared his throat and finally spoke up. He said " So where does that leave us?"

Orson slowly turned around and looked at Jeremy. His expression was no longer harsh or angry. His eyes were filled with sympathy.But not empathy...Jeremy needed empathy. But he would take what he was given.

Orson said " There's a mini fridge in every room. You know what's in them. Drink four bags and crash. "

Jeremy shook his head violently " I don't think I can"

Orson sighed " You are still going to be a vampire whether you feed or not"

The End

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