Babe in the woods

In the car Orson turned to Jeremy. Jeremy was still looking at Orson warily. But Orson did drag him to the car...and practically threw Jeremy into his seat. Orson's thrist was not rational right now. It didn't have the patience for Jeremy's slow swagger. But now that they were in the car Orson almost breathed easily. Blood was blood...if he chose to he could of drained Jeremy dry. But Vampires had a silent pact not to bite one another or humans. Bagged blood made drinking what it should be : a nourishing act. 

Bagged blood would make them civilized, human. Soon they wouldn't have to hide or pretend they didn't care about having to hide. Human and vampire relations would not be so uncommon. Frowned upon. He could use human titles...Girlfriend, lover.. Do human things...Take his girlfriend to the movies or to dinner.

" What is with you tonight?" Jeremy disdainfully asked

Orson hit the gas and cleared his throat. When they were out of the parking lot he spoke.

He said ashamed " This is bloodlust. I've waited too long to feed"

" Bloodlust? I thought that kind of thing was only in movies"

Orson slowly turned to Jeremy. He wondered if there was a right way to ask this. Probably not vampires were such defenive creatures.

" What did your Sire teach you about feeding?" Orson asked

Jeremy just looked at him puzzled. Orson let out a puff of air and pulled at his hair. It was what he had thought...Jeremy had no idea about being a vampire. He was thrust into this world without a clue. Ofcourse Orson was just as clueless. Why didn't Steffan tell him. This wasn't like Steffan. And why would Steffan hand him a newby to train? That wasn't his job. He was an enforcer or an assasin. Orson was not a nurturer.

The End

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