Orson watched her lips move but didn't hear her speaking. Ashely's lips were full but now they were swollen from kisses. Every so often she would stick her fingers in her mouth and peel of the marashino nail polish. Then one hand would brush away the loose tentrails of hair a expose her elegant neck...Orson wanted to run his fingers accross her collar bone. Kiss accross the thin line and sink his teeth in...

Orson stood up and abruptly walked out of the office. It was worse outside the office. There were women everywhere. Hussy's sticking out there necks like that. Oh god how long had it been since he last fed? Leigh...Leigh...He hadn't fed since he met Leigh. It was all her fault. She made him feel too human. But he wasn't human. He would never be human and she would never be a vampire...You couldn't just convert humans it didn't work like that. Even if he could..

Bloodlust was crippling him and the brunette with the blood red lips trapped him on the stairs and leaned in. She was the worse of the hussies. Her neck was only a breath away. It was Short and milky white.

She said " Are you ready for a real woman know?"

Orson climbed over the railing and sighed. Why did he only attract loose women?

He briefly turned to the brunette and said " All I'm ready for is a nap"

As he walked into the crowd he knew their would be no escape. Everytime he moved they moved.Grinding their delicious sweat into him. Beads of sweat dripped down forheads and between breast. In the dark it would be hard to tell the difference between a drop of blood or a drop of sweat....

No he couldn't thing like that. He wasn't like the rest. Not like the ones that changed him. He was his father's son. Orson's father was a knight. A true man of honor. He said he left his days of wenching when he saw her...Orson's mother. It would of been a happy story if not for the fact that Orson's father had another greater love for adrenaline. He wasn't truly happy until his blade tasted blood. He was gone for extended periods of time. Each time longer than the rest. It was only natural that the love would die...

Orson filled his blood lust with visions of his father. His father wouldn't give up like this. When he was a boy his father would slay dragons. When he was a man his father slayed his demons. No longer the adrenaline junky. He was a serene man who enjoyed the silences more.

Orson dragged himself through the crowds and out the door. Sweet relief in the form of cold summer air. He slid on the building side. He ignored the smokers fumes and focused on the cool, unhumid air. God how he had always loved summer nights.

Jeremy ran out breathlessly and tired to speak " What is with you? You are a hundred percent weirder than you usually are"

Orson said " We need to get home now"

The End

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