Confessing to the walls

A light summer wind  gently lifted up the linen curtains and lowered them down. Luka was memorized by this rise and fall. It reminded her of the air entering her lungs...The waves guided by the moon. The waves were her sisters. They were  daughters of the moon. Preoccupied with whole not the individual. Preoccupied with the end not the the journey.

Luka wasn't first person to break the rules. Maybe the first not to know why. Luka wasn't an unselfish being. She lived within herself and lived for herself. She didn't really care if Orson found eteranal joy and she had just met Leigh. It was an odd connection...but like the rest it could fade away. Leigh could become just a name instead of a character.

Leigh watched Luka's fascination with the wind. Luka held up her hand as if wanted to catch it. Wind was  eloosive but for some reason not sought after.

" I just want to know one thing"

Luka turned towards the mousy voice. Luka leaned against the beige curtains and didn't answer. She just grunted.

" I want to know why?" Leigh asked

" Your phones are ringing" Luka said anonyed " How many phones do you honestly need?"

Leigh's eyes darted around and then looked at Luka uncomforably.

" My phone isn't ringing" Leigh said

Luka suddenly turned from white to green, She started shaking and slowly crumpled to the floor.

" So many phones...Why? So many phones ringing all at once. Where's your phone?" Luka asked

Leigh mutely pointed down the hallway and into the kitchen. Luka quickly then ran into the kitchen. When Leigh came in shortly after Luka stood there just watching the phone dumbfoundedly. It was not flashing so no one was calling. Luka picked up the phone for a better look,

" Don't you see it's all going to start with a phone call...not now later. I don't know what it you? Yes you do. It was your idea afterall" Luka rambled on

" I really have no idean what your saying " Leigh said

Luka grabbed on to Leigh's shoulder's suddenly and said " Just stop the ringing"

The End

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