Ashely talks and talks....and talks

" Start from the beganing. Maybe there's something you missed or something you thought was nothing...."

" Ashes of the dark life" Ashely interrupted

" Excuse me?" Orson asked

Ashely shrugged " That is my name, Ashes of the dark life. But you may call me Ashes. Not Ash. Ashes"

Orson almost rolled his eyes. But Jeremy was apparently too immature to see a wingnut. He saw an alluring creature sitting on a desk. Orson saw her disrespect. It wasn't her desk to sit on or her papers to wrinkle .He saw a young girl trying too hard to be something. Perhaps she wanted to be more original, sexy or all of the above. But he supposed he couldn't call her weak. She went for what she wanted. Ashes threw herself into it.

" Ashes,tell us what you know about Mya" Orson prompted

`` Sasha the undead storyteller`` Ashes said anonyed

`` Tell us about Sasha the undead storyteller`` Orson grunted

`` Actually it's Sasha the undead story teller, the dark daughter of the Sea Mariner``

`` That` s a mouthful`` Jeremy muttered

Orson and Ashes both glared at Jeremy. Jeremy shrugged his shoulders indifferently. Ashes continued glaring at him but then quickly moved on to glaring at Orson. She knew who ran the show.

" Your five minutes is almost up. Let's see Sasha...What do you want to know? She was a hippie at a goth club. She was all flowers and sunshine and stuff...In a goth club. A lot of people didn't like her for that"

" We want to know about the people who liked her. Really liked her..." Orson said

" You guys are still convinced it's a crime of passion? Romeo and Juliet...hmm...I don,t think so. Maybe Romeo...I never liked Romeo. Way too intense for my liking. Big Drama Queen" Ashes rambled on

" Are you trying to say he loved her too much?"

" I heard him say the L word two weeks after the public knew they were dating. She said ' Love ya too'. Love ya is what you say to your girlfriends. It's fluffy, light hearted. It means nothing" Ashes said almost disdainfully

" One more question.  Did you fear for Sasha?"

Ashes looked him straight in the eye and said " Yes"

The End

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