Mya's secert

Orson hated nightclubs the music was always too loud, the flashy lights hurt his eyes and the women were always all over him. Pawing at him and trying to gyrate their hips into his. They could barely walk through the crowd. There was a petite blond in front that was particularly persistent so that also made her irrating. Jeremy liked the attention. He was young. He wanted to be James Bond. Fierce with a gun and with the ladies. He felt close to it tonight. A vampire in a goth club. How could he not feel like a winner? Having his lifeblood sucked out had been the best thing to happen to him, evidently. The ladies flocked to him now. Especially that blond...She pressed against Jeremy. Jeremy ofcouse didn't protest. He awkwardly started dirty dancing with her. Orson rolled his eyes. She didn't have the good sense to be frightened. They were vampires after all. Bodies were built with natural warnings. Gut senses. But then again some women were attracted to danger.

That's what brought them here. Maya had visited this club frequently. It was a typical Goth club. Typical doom and gloom. At first it didn't make sense to Orson. Maya was a Buddhist who let go of all the things that poisoned the soul. She was totally against everything Goth’s stood for. Except maybe individuality. The police found out Maya was hoping to find a real vampire. Maybe she thought she had found one...

The witness was a woman by the name of Ashley Vie-Noir. Ashley was a frequent member of the Goth party scene and a friend in Maya's secret life. They had no idea what she looked like so...Orson forced air into his lungs. He sighed. He was forced to ask one of these persistent ladies if they knew or had ever head of Ms. Vie-Noir.

“Excuse me! EXCUSE ME! I'm looking for a woman!" Orson shouted over the music

“Well, you've come to the right place" A brunette said suggestively as she liked her blood red lips.

“No, I need to find Ashley Vie-Noir.”Orson said.

The brunette pouted and pointed at Jeremy and that persistent blond. They were playing tonsil hockey now. Orson sighed. Apparently Jeremy’s heart had moved on...unfortunately Orson needed Ashley’s lips more.

Orson tapped Jeremy on the shoulder. Jeremy gave Orson the five minute signal. Orson didn't have time for this...They were working and Ashley wasn't that good looking. Orson tapped Jeremy harder and insistently. Finally Orson took the aggressive approach and just pried the blond off.

“I didn't do you. So why are you acting all cave man on me?" Ashley demanded

Orson winced at her choice of words but remained composed.

He said “Ms. Vie-Noir, we have some questions for you"

“ not more cops." She eyed Jeremy and said “Dirty cops apparently"

Jeremy shrugged his shoulders and stuck his hands in his pockets. Orson wanted to back hand him for being a putz but he refrained and looked back at Ashley. Ashley was ignoring them. She was biting off the maraschino nail polish from her nails and looking around the club. Ashley was eyeing everyone but no one was eyeing her.

“Ms. Vie-Noir is there a quiet place we can talk?” Orson asked

Ashley sighed “I’m giving you five minutes. Only five minutes. We can talk in the office. My boyfriend is a bouncer here. So it’s cool”

Orson raised his eyebrows but said nothing. Jeremy’s insides were shriveling up so he physically was unable to speak. His ego took a big hit...Apparently he wasn't so sexy that women fell at his feet. He would live.

Ashley led the way to a set of concealed stairs. She walked up without looking back. And she didn’t old the door open for them. Orson angrily snapped the door open and held it open for Jeremy. Jeremy bowed lightly and slowly shut the heavy wood door.

Ashley sighed again disinterestedly “So what do you want to know that I haven’t already told you guys a billion times”

The End

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