Another wake up call...

Low piano music was playing in the background. It almost seemed romantic. Leigh had always been jealous of people who could express such emotion by music. They could make a simple word feel heavy on the tongue and in the heart. But not she realized her music was words. A private song between author and reader. A deeper more peronal connection than just a song. People forget songs but not books. Book were passports and songs were city bus tickets. At least that was what she told herself. The longing was still there merely muted.

Today she finally wrote. A waterfall of words spilled out on to the computer screen. Leigh read the last lines out loud and traced the words accross the screen.

" The artist took the vampire's collar and pulled his face into hers. With tears in her eyes and surrender in her voice She said 'I love you too much to ever deny you. But if you ever, ever break my heart. I won't stay. I'll walk out that door so fast. I'll suffer the distance. This is your one and only chance. I'm begging you...don't you dare waste it' "

Her audience didn't clap. Luka silenetly approuched the computer screen. She didn't read the screen she read Leigh's eyes.

" Rings too true doesn't it?" Luka asked softly.

Leigh just nodded and looked back at the computer screen and eyed the computer keys. What would he say? An okay seemed to simple. A declaration would be cheesy...but maybe she wanted cheesy. Maybe she wanted all the syrupy drawn out emotions.

" I think he should say ' Life is too short for you...anyway. I will cherish and value everyone for your days. I will fill your hours with such happiness...'"

Leigh interrupted " And if he doesn't?"

Luka shrugged her shoulders and said " Then you really know what it means to live. "

The End

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