Who peed in your cornflakes?

" How do we know we are going after a member of the tormented?" Jeremy asked

Orson stopped cleaning his gun and lookd up apburtly. Jeremy looked around warily. He knew by the chill and the ghost bumps on his arm that there were colder things out there than the wind. And he instantly understood why many things were left unsaid.

" The bruising and bite marks on her didn't vanish. When you bite someone the bite marks on someone don't stay because of the healing properties of our saliva. " Orson explained

He went back to cleaning his gun. Tonight the would do some tracking but no fighting. Jeremy wasn't allowed to fight. Orson said he wan't ready. Jeremy sort of agreed with him but he wasn,t willing to admit it.

" Why do " the tormented" leave marks on their victims? Seems pretty stupid to me. " Jeremy blurted

" The tormented aren't alive. In Lousiana they have a story about the dogs of mankind...God abandons you. So you no longer can have his form...You are a Loup Garou. You are left without mercy..joy. All you have is what's left. Pain and suffering. Until the devil shows you how to feel by living off souls. They appear more human and feel more human. But when there drugs stop working they become like any other junkie. All they are is tormented. Tormented by need, nothingness and numbness " Orson explained

" And we hunt them down?' Jeremy asked.

" No" Orson said apburtly.

Jeremy knocked the gun out of Orson's hand. He opened his mouth to start yelling at Orson. But Orson silenced him with his hand.

" It's not out duty to intervene all the time. It's the job of others" Orson explained

" Why are we intervening now?" Jeremy asked

" The girl that was killed had a strong bloodline...She shouldn't of died...whoever killed her is to powerful to exist" Orson explained

Jeremy picked up Orson's gun and held it out aplogetically. Orson took it and nodded his head in approval. Jeremy still looked thoughtful though. Too thoughtful. He sat on the bench and watched Orson organize his weapons. But Orson was to paranoid to really get anything done.

" What do you want?" Orson asked suddenly

" I was just thinking we need more help on this...some on who has more insight...sees things we just can't see" Jeremy said weakly.

" I know you have feelings for Luka but give them a cold shower..."

" Why?!" Jeremy asked

" Because it's cruel. They feel everything. Every doubt, every fear...they know miles ahead that it won't work out but they keep moving on....in the vain hope that they can sonehow change it. Or they think that there love is strong enough to withstand anything"

Jeremy said coldly " How do you know if you don't even try?"

" Some thngs aren't worth trying"

" So,you wouldn't try if you knew for sure you would fail?" Jeremy asked " But Luka won't? But how do I know...how does anyone know for sure"

Jeremy didn't wait for Orson's rebuttle. Jeremy needed to know for sure one way of another. Jeremy ran out of his room and down the hall. He bagan banging loudly on Luka's door.

Orson cursed the young and the implusive even though he saw a bit of himself in Jeremy. Orson was known not to take no for an answer. Speaking of ho answer...Jeremy was knocking on Luka's door for a solid five minutes.

" I don't think she's there" Orson said dryly

" No she's there...look the light is still on" Jeremy pointed out

" Maybe she just left the light on or fell asleep with the light on or perhaps she decieded to ignore the crazy men on the other side of the door"

Jeremy didn't answer he started throwing his entire self into the door.

" WHAT IN GOD'S NAME ARE YOU DOING?!" Orson said pulling him back.

" I can hear the tap going... and alarm going off...I think something happened. Listen..." Jeremy urged

Orson listened he heard the water. It smelt like it was everywhere. He smelt meet rotting....And he heard the alarm. It went off for five more minutes. Orson didn't wait anymore. He used his powers to loosen the screws on the door and with on swift kick the door was down.

Sure enough the kitchen sink was flooding. There was a tiny pool of soapy water on the floor. They left the kitchen wet. They both doth into a tiny door frame and almst got stuck. Luka lay onto of her sheets in her clothes. She looked calm and  serene. Just like an angel.

Luka woke up suddenly and against her will. She had been astral projecting when someone shook her violently. Luka opened her eyes suddenly. Her eyes were wide and pissed off. She sat up and pushed her audience away. Then causally turend of her alarm clock.

" W. T. F. " Luka spat out

" You wouldn't wake up" Jeremy said weekly

" So I'm a heavy sleeper, sue me" Luka said angerly

She got out of bed and streched. Jeremy and Orson walked numbly out of her room. Orson went and turned off the kitchen tap. He noticed a tray of slowly rotting hamburger meat and a soggy bag of frozen vegetables on the counter.

Jeremy stood and watched Luka expectantly like he was waiting  her to slip into a coma at any second. Luka was very aware of her surroundings and very aware that they were still there in her pace. She folded her arms up and waited unsuccessful for someone to take the hint and leave.

She looked at Jeremy and said " I want you to fix the door and then close it behind you"

" Who peed in your cornflakes?"

" It wasn't cornflakes. It was frosted flakes" Luka said acidly

The End

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