A little advice

That night Leigh slept.  She woke up refreshed and ready to get her life on track. She would call Greg for a date...for tonight. The sooner the better. After she would just tell Luna there was no connection. Then she would be free from both men.

Leigh  leaned other her bathroom mirrior. She looked up at her self. It had been awhile since she seriouly looked at her soul's shell. Her wet hair was slicked back in a ponytail. It gave her face no coverage and no mercy. Her face was pale. Not corpse white. Her complexion was milky white. Sort of white like the moon...but it sure didn't glow like the moon. But she was pretty...Leigh couldn't lie about that. She wasn't model pretty. But Leigh never wanted to look like a model.

She wanted the smile Mya had always wore. The free spirited one. She could picture Mya running through barefoot through the grass. Her blond hair running loose through the wind and she would pushed it carelessly out of the way.  And she would leap through the wind,as she watched her kite soar higher and higher. Wonderment would reach her eyes and never leave them. That was beauty. Leigh was not beautitul.

Leigh pushed the past out of her mind and thought about the reality...sort of. Leigh didn't care much about being normal because she had never met anyone who was normal. She didn't care much...but that little part of her wanted to maintain the facade.So she would see the doctor...and the pills would make Luka disappear but not yet...

Luka peeled up a sheer black blouse of Leigh's bed. She left along the arms and put it back on the bed. Leigh approuched her and they both stared at the pile of clothes on her bed.

Luka asked the obvious question " What is with all the clothes?"

" I'm going on a date and I have no idea what to wear. What to people wear on dates?" Leigh asked nervously.

Luka bend own and picked up the sheer black blouse again. She drapped it over a nearby chair. 

" Do you have a tank or camisole for this? Are you going out with the cupcake guy?" Luka asked

Leigh picked up the blouse and critiqued it. Was it clean? Was it sexy or slutty? Was it elegant? Leigh ended up turning her nose at it.

" Isn't it a little too gothic? And how do you know about the cup cake guy? I never told you about him. "

Luka rolled her eyes " It is not too gothic. It's flirty it's fun. As long as you don't pair it with a cross or anything your fine. And I know about the cupcake guy because I am like ...you."

" I think I'll just wear this button up " Leigh said biting her lip.

Luka lounged on the mound of clothes. She popped up the pillows and watched Leigh put on the white  button up blouse. Leigh smoothed it on and looked cruelly on her own reflection.

" Nothing says your not getting any like a white blouse" Luka said dryly.

" Menswear pieces are very popular right now" Leigh retorted.

" Popular. But not sexy" Luka answered

" I don't want to send on the wrong message"

" Well...the message your sending is my vagina is locked in a box and you'll never get the key" Luka said bluntly

" Well maybe that's the message I want sent out" Leigh gritted out.

" Whatever. I'm just trying to help out the guy. He seemed like a good guy" Luka said

" I'm not going out with the cupcake guy" Leigh said.

" Oh... then wear that... and these shoes. Are these shoes? The are like grandma clogs...The only thing that is missing is a walker." Luka said disgustedly.

Orson fell asleep peacefuly, easily. He didn't have time to feel relieved. When we woke he would thank his god for small mercies. He dreamed about her. Floating on the moon. Out of his reach and in the heavens...He asked her for some wings but she shook her head no...

The End

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