Orson knew it was rude to top by someone's house unanounced but he didn't care...much. But as he heard her walk to the front door he stared to care more...He was actually nervous.He was never nervous.

Leigh slamed open the flannel cow pajamas, despite the fact that it was three in the afternoon. She holded her arms up tightly. She leaned against the door frame preventing his entery

" What?" Leigh demanded

Leigh was anonyed. She was so close to actually sleeping...It had been what two days without sleep? It was quickly starting to wear her down. What happened to those days and nights she could just sleep away? She wanted to retreat back to her dream world. It was safer there. She had more control there.

" I wanted to know if you got the cupcakes" Orson said softly

Leigh sighed " I did. You didn't need to send the peace offering. I already forgave you for questionning me endlessly"

All of sudden Orson stared at her way to intently. He was looking through her again. Leigh felt him go through her this time. Ofcourse it was easier for her to believe thet were a peace offering other than a gift. A gift but not like the one's human's give to say I want you to be mine...In his mind Leigh was already his. The gift was to say I will give you everything you need and desire. You will never know need, not when your with me. And I will give you everything you desire.

" What?" She asked defensively.

" I just realized you don't get pampered a lot"

Leigh slowly moved out of the door way and let him in. She lead him to the kitchen. Leigh suddenly didn't want to be alone. She didn't want to be alone with this crushing saddness again. Would it ever go away?  Maybe if she was willing to change it...but the changes that needed to be made all lead her away from herself and what she knew. So she would remain as she was. For now at least...One day she would break away but not now.

All that separated them was a tiny island in the kitchen. Leigh picked at the grapes in the fruit basket. Orson pretended to do the same. Then he slowly looked up at her.

" When I look at you I see the moon hiding in the darkness" Orson blurted.

Leigh laughed " You should go work for hallmark"

" You don't believe me?"

Leigh popped a grape in her mouth and chewed it slowly...too slowly. Orson watched her distracted expression. She was solely focused on masticating this grape.She was anonyed that Orson didn't have the decenty to change the subject. She was forced swollowed the grape and answer is probing questions.

" I'm unshowered and smelly" she finally responded

Orson shrugged " It's a temporary state"

" I don't know I kind of like this look" Leigh said only half kidding

" As you wish" Orson shrugged.

" I can't be with you" Leigh finally laid down the line.

" Why, because I'm a vampire?" Orson asked

" I have a boyfriend, now. His name is Greg and I love him...only him" Leigh stumbled over her words.

Orson opened his mouth to argue with her. But he knew it was pointless. He was moving too fast but not fast enough..

Orson raised his eyebrows and said " Picking the easy way out, eh?"

The End

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