I won't

Leigh was awoken by the sense of falling. She woke up because she knew she wouldn't be falling anywhere good, comfortable. She lay and bed and thought about what Luna hadn't said. Luna delicately hinted that Leigh was alone know and looked it. She had nowhere she could just go. No couch she could just flop on and stay for days, if she wished.

Orson was there...but she barely knew him. He wasn't a girl. She couldn't talk to him about...things. Sure he saw through her. But he coul never hear her. She needed to use her own words. Tell her own story. She needed someone who could see her through her eyes. So she invented Luka up.

It seemed immature to have an imaginary friend...but maybe that's what she was. A child trapped in a womans body and dying to get out. A child that just wanted to color on the walls and have no one tell her no.

Leigh heard the rustling of plastic. She got out of bed to follow the noise. Luka was in the kitchen. She grunted and squinted as she tried to open the tray.

" F****" She muttered

All of the sudden the plastic container protested and squeaked loudly as it was slamed open. Luka looked at all the cupcakes. She ignored all the warning about red food dye and picked up a cherry red one. She slowly peeled the paper off and then started eating off the icing.

" Mmmm...delicious idea" She smiled teasingly

Leigh leaned over the counter and picked up a similar cupcake. She analyzed it smelled it and then slowly began eating the icing off.

"' Interesting breakfast" Leigh muttered

" Brunch" Luka motioned to the clock.

" God I'm a lazy bugger" Leigh moaned

" But your not sleeping" Luka looked at her concerned

Leigh said defensively " What do you care your just a figment of my imagination?"

Leigh looked at her imaginary friend. She was weird looking...There was no one Leigh could compare her to. Luka had shoulder length blacker than black hair and steely gray eyes. She was drop dead gorgeous. A head turner..She hada the top of her cleavage pierced and tattoos all over her body.  She had green and red vines crawling up her left arm and over the vine tatoo was the words " what a life" .On her left wrist she had the name Charlotte tatooed on her arm. Leigh assumed their was more tatoos hidden underneath her clothes. The tatoos didn't detract from her femine they added to it. They made her look more exotic and original than anyone else.  Leigh didn't know where she ever found Luka but here she was.

" I don't think you 'd tell me even if I was real" Luka shrugged

" Who are you anyway? Your not what I want you to be" Leigh pouted.

" I'm like you, someone who doesn't fit in" Luka explained

" Except you don't care if you fit in. "

" Yes, I do" Luka argued

" But you don't look the part" Leigh shook her head.

" I don't show that part" Luka sighed " I'm clairvoyant. If I'm going to be a freak I might as well look the part."

" Great, I have a clairvoyant imaginary friend"

The End

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