Speed was easy. Control was the hard part. Jeremy felt like he was finally in control. He made the mistake of aiming and hitting Orson in the chest. Orson still wasn't talking to him. How was he suppose to know that he didn't need to use that much force or speed. Bullets were suppose to be fast. Orson had cursed at him and told him to aim at objects. Ofcourse Jeremy made it worse by trying to help. He ripped off his polo shirt off to hold off the blood. Orson cursed and backed away. Jeremy kept coming forward. Orson murttered another curse that Jeremy  almost missed...sounded like persistant f****. Orson rolled his eyes and lifted up his hands. The bullet was know in his hand and the wound slowly sucked the blood back in and sealed itself shut.

Jeremy's top lip quivered as he said " 'When your dead, your dead' ..Marlene Dietrich"

Orson muttered " Everything you heard about vampires isn't much of a stretch"

Then Orson started pouting and refused to answer any of Jeremy's questions.Jeremy rolled his eyes and returned to practicing. If Orson wanted to act like a child that was fine Jeremy would just have to be the adult.

" What do you mean you knew he liked me?" Leigh asked defensively

Luna didn't notice she was busy investigating the cupcakes. She opened up the tray and picked up a blue one. She started liking the iceing around the cupcake as if it was an ice cream cone.

She said with her mouth full "  Greg, the doctor"

Leigh let a puff of frustrated air " Who is Greg the doctor?"

" The guy that helped you to your car at the funeral." Luna explained.

" And he was taken by my break down?' Leigh asked sardonically

Luna raised her eyebrows" God your just like Mya. Always looking for something negative"

Leigh didn't think she was negative. She was a realist. If life sucked it sucked. She didn't butter it up, cover it up or fake it. But apparently in Luna's world you always had to be deliriously happy. And apparently having a man would cure over a decade of depression. But Luna didn't realize depression was just a syntom. Not the illness. And it was an illness or a disease. Suppression was her cure. But it wasn't working...she surpressed it but she never forgot it. She lived it. Lived through it each and every day.

" I just think he is a nice sensitive guy who deserves a great girl" Luna said.

But Leigh didn't hear her. Leigh was trapped in the past again and wondered if it would ever go away.

The End

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