A beautiful distraction

When Orson picked up his gun time stopped or at least thats how it felt to Jeremy. Orson moved like time didn't matter or maybe like he owned and commanded it. He moved slowly, stalking the target but never really moving. He pointed at the target and anticipation shot threw Jeremy. Orson quickly whirled around and aimed the gun at Jeremy's head.

Orson smiled at him " Scared?"

Jeremy shook his head nervously. Orson could smell beads of sweat forming but said nothing. He smiled widely and shot of the gun. The bullet weaved over and around Jeremy. The impact of the bullet cracked the center of the target.

" Awesome!"

" It's nothing and I'm not saying that modestly" Orson grimaced

Orson set the gun on the table. Jeremy was right on his heels literally. He leaned over Orson and frantically tapped his back.

" What do you mean?"

Orson turned around and gently set the younger man aside but did not remove his hands.

" I mean learning how to move things is a start...but it's a common talent and you will find others much more talented than yourself. But you will still be able to beat them...if your faster than them" Orson warned.

" So what does this mean, more chicken catching?" Jeremy cringed inwardly.

Orson quickly snapped his head around. There was a tiny sound foot prints. It was Luka holding a tray of cupcakes. She looked past them and then at them.

She sighed" Okay did either one of you need cupcakes? "

Jeremy looked at her puzzledly. Why would they need cupcakes? Orson just smiled and took the tray from Luka. He looked down at them. Reverently. He held them like they were priceless or fragile.

" Thank you, Luka" Orson said meaningfully

" Just pay me back by not thinking about it, literally" Luka rolled her eyes.

Orson laughed at the inside joke.

Then he decied to fill Jeremy in. Orson said " Luka's psyhic and she saw that I would need cupcakes..."

Luka shook her head violently " Just don't tell me why...really..don't tell me I don't want to know"

Luka turned to leave. She was almost out of sight and Orson could still see her shaking her head. When Orson's attention returned to Jeremy, he took a large step back. Jeremy was looking at him widely...unnaturally. Jeremy was trying to have a revelation....or something close to it. Jeremy sighed and quickly gave up. The curiosity was killing him.

Jeremy asked " Why do you need cupcakes?"

Orson said nothing. His face turned harsh. Orson turned defensive. She wasn't his naughty little secert. But it was too early for love declarations. These kinds of unions were not forbiden just looked down upton. Humans were intended to be there food and nothing else.

Leigh ran to the sound. Luna was knocking on her door. Leigh breathless opened the door. Luna was smiling too widely. She held up a large tray of cupcakes. The kind you get at a fancy bakery. Leigh immediately became wary.

" Some one has a secert admirer" Luna sang

" Those are for me and not from you?" Leigh asked

" Nope, not from me. But I do think you could share at least one. Can I put this somewhere...like maybe the ktchen?"Luna asked

Leigh blushed. It was awfully rude for her to leave Luna standing on her doorstep. She quickly stepped out of the way. Luna smiled kindly and bowed her entrance. Luna slipped of her sandles and made her way to the kitchen.

" Where did you find the cupcakes?"

" Someone just left them on your doorstep" Luna said eagerly

Sudden awareness filled her up. These were obvisously a peace offering. Leigh took the peace offering and licked the icing off. Not just because they were good but because she was a forgiving person.

Luna said confidently " I knew he liked you"

The End

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