Second date

" Hit the target..."


" Hit it again..."


" And again..."

Jermey threw down his arms. He rolled his eyes. Orson snapped out of it when he noticed the abscence of sound. Jeremy looked like a petchulant child. He threw his gun on a nearby table.

" Your not even watching. I hit the target a million times" Jeremy sulked.

Orson shook his head " That's impossible"

Jeremy threw down his arms again this time it was a lot more violently. He took a deep breath and gritted out " How is it impossible just look !? Bullseye everytime."

" I didn't give you a million bullets" Orson said dryly.

" You are impossible" Jeremy retorted

Orson smiled widely and said" I've recently learned, a sense of humor is necessary. Now I'm going to show you how to use a gun."

The rain stopped. The silence was deafening. Leigh tapped her fingers on the table just so there would be noise. She always tapped her fingers on the table it was an anxiety thing. But she wasn't anxieous this time. She was restless. Filled to the brim with restless desire. It seemed she couldn't just write it away. But what did she want?

The phone rang and rang and rang. Leigh ignored it and looked at the screen saver infront of her. It was a picture of Mya and her hugging cheek to cheek. She shook the mouse hard and clicked it violently. The picture faded.

The phone still rang. Leigh cursed and fumbled with the phone beside her. She gracelessly held the phone to her ear.

" Hello?" She asked

" Hey! It's me!"

Who was me?

" It's Luna, anyway I was just wondering If you wanted to go out for coffee and chocolate cake. I know his great place" Luna rambled nervously

Leigh wondered if she should go. It was getting dark out...and he was free to roam. It seemed that was what he was doing. Leigh felt a quick stab of regret but then she remembered she didn't really care about men or dating. She didn't really want to go. Luna was an air head that chatted endlessly about nothing. She made a living gossiping as a celebrity blogger. Luna was a writer without a writers soul.

" Yeah. I need to get out" Leigh sighed

" You can tell me all about when I come and pick you up in ten minutes" Luna ordered

The End

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