The story takes an odd turn...

Leigh sighed and stretched. She paced away from her computer. Then she abruptly turned back. She raced back to the computer and stared down the words " Mauscline, femine they are just words."

It seemed that she had found her muse...Leigh leaned over her computer and started deleted those cursed words. Then stopped until only " Just words" was left. This was suppose to be a love story between a cop and an artist. Now it was a love story between a vampire and an artist...She wondered what her editor would say. This wasn't the story they signed up for. It was better...Who didn't want an unstoppable man who would do anything for you?

Orson was feeling worn out. He just wanted to be left alone but he knew he had to train that kid. The boy was already in the armory pretending to fence.

Jeremy twisted around and smiled at Orson. Jeremy said "  'I must study politics and war, that my sons may have liberty to study math and philosophy. John Adams"

Orson rolled his eyes " If your going to war use a gun, you'll last longer"

Jeremy slouched and sighed " But a sword is so much more noble"

" Perhaps your right but..."

" I get it." Jeremy shrugged

Orson handed him a hand gun. He said " I'm guessing you've never fired one of these before"

" I know how to use a gun. I just don't like to..."

Orson was taken aback by Jeremy's sudden standoffish attitude. But he didn,t have time for touchy feely moments. That killer was still out there...The tormented were brutal, unfeeling. But then again he had yet to meet a empathetic soul sucker.

" Show me what you've got then"

Jeremy shrugged and aimed the gun. He looked around the room for a target. Orson grunted. Jeremy abruptly put down his gun.

" What?" Jeremy asked

" You can't shoot here there are people here. We have a shooting range." Orson said irrated that he even had to point that out.

" Oh. You didn't specify" Jeremy whispered

Orson rolled his eyes " So it made sense to you to just fire a gun of in a room full of people?"

Jeremy said annoyed " Yesturday you had me chase after a chicken. "

" If it's good enough for Rocky, It's good enough for you"

" Rocky is just a movie!"

The End

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