Orson's house

Leigh looked around wordlessly. His house was colorless, odorless, shapeless. A white box with no walls. Orson guided her to the open kitchen. The hard wood floor was cold beneath her feet. Actually everything felt cold about this place.

They stayed silent for awhile. Leigh perched herself on a bar stool at the counter. She watched her fingers dance along the counter top. Orson watched her. Leigh looked up at him. A human would have had the goodsense to look away and pretend to be looking at something else. Orson wasn't human. He didn't look away. Leigh's eyes darted away and she cleared her throat. Before she could make some bad excuse to leave, Orson butted in.

" We can't stay long I have to train" He said

Leigh got up quickly and said " Am I holding you up?"

Orson quickly sat in the bar stool accross from hers. He folded his hands and let them rest rather formally on the counter top. It became obvious then that Orson had never sat here. Had he ever used the kichen? Had their ever been food in the fridge?

Orson stumbled over his words " No, you don't have to go, I just mean't you couldn,t stay late in the evening"

Leigh looked at him puzzledly " I wouldn't stay late. I have to write"

Orson looked at her thoughtfully " Yes, that's right you write romance novels. Seems your friend had more of a grasp of what love really is. Your novels seemed to be filled with so much longing. More novels of longing than love"

Leigh suddenly slapped her palms against the counter top. Leigh snapped and whispered violently " Did you bring me here to insult my craft?"

" I'm just suggesting that you don't have enough life experience to know what love is" Orson said

Leigh gritted her teeth and spat out " Father Timothy"

" Who the hell is Father Timothy? "

" Before Maya and I were really great friends. I knew this girl Sophie. She liked to go to church. So I started liking going to church. There was a priest there...He was young quiet but he played a lot of modern music in his sermons and tried to get in touch with the youth. You could tell by just a glance he really truly believed in what he was doing. I wanted to feel that passion too..."

" So...You threw yourself at a priest?"

" No" Leigh said acidly " I volunteered more and I went to confession. Timothy wanted to help me. And I wanted to help him in his mission...soon we were seldom apart. Partners in every endeavor... But it wasn't like that...we never touched...but we crossed that line anyway"

" So...what ended it? It ended right?" Orson asked cautiously

" A lot of things..." Leigh paused " He started distancing himself, but I would catch him looking at me. I knew I hadn't imagined these feelings so I went to confront him in the confession booth...It was like it always was. We were not touching but too close together and trapped together. I told him I was in love with someone I shouldn't be. He asked why I shouldn't be with that man. I said because he loved someone more than me. And he did love god more than me...and I didn't love god at all. Timothy said it sounded like we were not meant to be together. He told me god had other plans for me. He told me god had great plans for me...I woud have love....and...."

Orson expected to see her crying. Her eyes weren't even glassy. Only her voice wavered. She cleared her voice and said " I knew then there was no point in dreaming. I kissed him through the screen and then went out to get very drunk"

Orson held out his hands akwardly and said " Do you need a hug or something?"

Leigh laughed

Orson looked at her offendly " What?"

" It's just a very femine response"

" Mauscline, femine they are just words" Orson shrugged

" And people are very complicated...they are never who the seem to be. Just look at you. You seem to be an Alpha male but you have that tender side to you" Leigh muttered

" What about you are you..."

" People think I'm complicated..but it's all very simple to understand...once you know me"

" Well then I guess I'll have to get to know you"

The End

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