Here comes the rain...

It was a long night. For the first time in three years Leigh was sleepless. She wondered if she made the right decision trusting Orson. Leigh had no male friends. She didn't talk to any of her male relatives. But then again she hadn't talked to any of her female relatives either. Men were aliens too her. If Orson was a woman she would know just what to say. How to act.

Leigh fed her cat Edgar. Edgar merely sniffed his food in disgust. Leigh laughed at her high and mighty persian. As usual he sat in his kitchen chair, watching Leigh move about the kitchen. The day felt almost normal accept in a few short hours a vampire would be in her kitchen.

Leigh put some coffee on and popped some toast in the toaster. While she was waiting. She peered out the window. It certainly was gray out. Leigh wasn't sure she should be relieved or not.

The toast popped. Leigh hastely spread jam over the toast. Edgar looked at her oddly as she ate by the kitchen window." What?" she asked offended. Edgar declined to comment .

It wasn,t raining. She would go outside later and see if it smelt like rain. Right now Leigh needed to get ready for work. Leigh wolfed down the rest of her toast. She would shower and then get to work. She would not think about her guest. It didn't matter if he was coming or not. She had no expectations and neither did he.

Leigh threw on a t-shirt, jeans and a grandpa sweater with Mya's clunky silver necklace. She worked from home she didn't need to dress up. When she got tired of primping up Leigh flopped at her computer. Her deadline was quickly approuching. Leigh was writer. Leigh was a witness. Always watching never experiencing. That was why she started writing and why she just couldn't stop writing. She could feel but only when she was writing or reading. She felt everything when she wrote. Everything but the time.

At one time Leigh was a singer. But singers were exceptionists. Meant to be watched and sometimes admired. When her depression hit and hit hard. Leigh had to leave college. She just couldn't stand up on any stage and bare those eyes on her. Her give a damn was busted.Her hands hadn't touched a piano or a sheet of music since. She took up writing to survive. At first it was just lyrics because at one time she thought she would eventually get back to it...The desire wasn't dead only satated.

There was a soft knock on her door. Her back door. Odd. She got up to check on it. As she left her trance she realized her deck was wet. The sea was too calm. It was raining softly. Too soft for a humans ears. Leigh opened the door without checking who it was.

Orson was standing there in a Navy blue rain coat. He was holding out something yellow. It took her a moment to realize it was her raincoat.

" Ugg" She groaned " I thought I had gotten rid of that thing for good"

She took it from his cold hands. Before she could put it in the closet. Orson said " I thought we could go for a walk. I don,t get out much in the day"

Leigh shrugged and pulled on the gawd awful coat. She pulled on an equally horrible pair of rubber boots. Then she met him outside. He eyed her rain attire but didn't laugh. Orson walked of the deck and into the mushy sand. Leigh followed hesitantly.

" Where are we going?"

" Did you know we are neighbours?" Orson asked

" What?" Leigh asked even though she heard the question perfectly.

" I live just down the road" Orson said

The beach house was Orson's only guilty pleasure. He couldn't stay there during the day. He had a house at the manison. Vampires were pack animals. And they couldn't fight the lonilness long. They were the minority after all. But they were also lone wolves. Well he was anyway. He couldn't speak for the rest. he liked his peace. His silence.

Leigh looked at him sckeptically " This a long road"

" That's why were walking on the beach. You never notice how far your walking, when your walking on a beach" Orson observed

Leigh remained quiet  as she watched how still the ocean was. It was so calming to watch. To just watch the ocean do nothing.

" Your quiet today" Orson said

" You barely now me. How do you know I'm being quiet today?" Leigh asked

" I see. You still don't trust me. I'd be insulted but I know somehow it's not about me" Orson replied

" I dont know how to be around a vampire..."  Or any man for that matter. Leigh thought.

Orson shrugged his shoulders " You don't have to think around me. Just say whatever you want to say. Say the first thing that comes to your mind. Go ahead just say it"

Leigh giggled uncontrollabley and barely got the words out " Cupcakes"

Orson looked at her dead seriously and said " I see you have a sweet tooth I'll remember that for next time"

" You don't have to get me anything. Friends don't really buy stuff for each other..." Leigh trailed off

" I can bake then" Orson said teasingly

" Like you said earlier. All you need to be is you. You don't have to bake anything" Leigh laughed

" Good, I was bluffing about being able to bake" Orson chuckled

It was Kevin's turn to buy coffee that day. Today Kevin was glad to have a distraction today. Last night he had dreamed of vampires all night long...He didn't really believe in vampires. He believed in monsters he had seen plenty of those. Most of them called themselves humans. But he couldn't get those blood red eyes out of his mind...Souless demon eyes...coming out of the darkness. Coming to get him. But of course he knew Pat was kidding. It was her idea of a joke. Kevin didn't really find her funny at the best of times.

The End

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