Orson wanted to head straight home but he had to face the music. His mission was over for him at least...he had a new mission. Orson wanted a woman. Stefan would not be happy. He wouldn't take no for an answer but one way or another. Stefan saved Orson from the human slayers. Orson was safe but Stefan still felt bound to save the younger immortal. Even if that meant saving him from himself.

Orson would free his schedule and finally feel like an immortal they have all the time in the world. He would have endless patience...He could wait. He would wait. She would be his. His what? Not his conquest. This wasn't seduction. It was something else.

Orson parked in the garage. He walked into the mansion. The mansion was more like a miltary stronghold than a home. But like many others, Orson had a room there. From the outside it looked like a beautiful old house. But that was only if you got past the fence. If you were looking over the old fence all you could see was trees. Like always it was quiet and decedent . Too decedent for his taste. The women were whores and the men were brutes. Including himself. In the old world they were knights. Little boys would salute them. Back then they deserved that respect. Now they had no honor. They were frat boys now. Drinking and wenching always drinking and wenching. They still had the nerve to call themselves Knights. They were the Knights of the moon. They were the body protecting the spirit. The spirit were the odd ones, the magic ones. The ones who drew there power directly from the moon.

" You reak of salt" Stefan commented

Orson turned around surprised. Stefan wasn't in his office. He was reading a hard cover book in the family room. Stefan was waiting for him. Orson was not ready. He had not prepared anything to say. It he didn't say this right he would call to much attention to his woman. Vampires did not like interlopers.

" Stefan, I wasn't aware you could read" Orson joked.

Stefan grunted  and said " On with it"

" It wasn't vampire doing. It was one of " The Tormented" so guareenteed it was just another one of their random attacks"

Stefan grunted " Regardless these attacks are drawing to much attention to us. I want you to clean this up"

Orson was more than just there cleaner. He was there one man show. He seemed to be the only one mature enough to carry out such a task. Orson winced at the thought. He wouldn,t let that reality hold him back.

Orson looked at Stefan uneasily and said " I can't. Not this time"

" Who is she?" Stefan asked

Orson tried to hide his aggression but failed. He couldn't seem to stop gritting his teeth.  Finally he answered " Why would you jump to that conclusion?"

" What else could it be? It's either love, money or revenge. " Stefan shrugged his shoulders " I just hope she's worth it"

Orson bared his teeth and said " What do you mean by that?"

" Relax. I just mean I hope she's worth training someone else to replace you"

Orson groaned

" His name is Jermey. He has been waiting for you in the armoury" Stefan instructed.

Orson groaned again " I'm not doing it. I can't...."

" Do you honestly think you are capable of leaving your position to just anyone? You won't be able to relax. Nothing you've just sent a boy to his grave. You need to teach this boy how to be unstoppable"

" I'm not unstoppable" Orson said shaking his head

Patricia or Pat was one of the guys. Or that was their theory. Pat never flinched at a dead  body or a bad smell. She was more of a man then any of the men of the force. But Pat wasn't a cop she was a scientist. She smiled at Kevin and gave same a big bear hug.

" Hey Sammy boy, what are you doing answering your phone afterhours?"

" Just putting a little overtime" Sam smiled

Pat shook her head " As long as it's only a little"

" So Patty are you going to invite us in?" Sam suggested

Pat rolled her eyes and opened the steel doors to the world of the undead. Bob Marley was playing. Pat hummed along " No woman No Cry..." As she hummed she slowly pulled back the sheet. She pointed to Mya's mid length nails.

" Poor bug" Pat cooed.

" Anyword on the sample underneath her nails?" Kevin asked

Pat shook her head " All we know is he is a he. No criminal record..No diseases...well..His red blood cell count was a little low. This a litle odd. Okay it's reallly odd..."

" What?" Kevin and Sam both said

" Her blood was drained dry"

" So we just look for the guy with fangs..." Kevin said

" An Anemic Vampire?"

" Sounds like a starving vampire to me..." Pat said distractedly

The End

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