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It had only been an hour since Orson said " The sun is behind the clouds we can leave now. How are you getting home? Do you need a ride?"

Leigh shook her head no. Orson watched as she put on her boots. Afterwards they just stood there. There was nothing left to do or say. They could part ways. Leigh exhaled and looked at Orson. Orson's mouth held a small grin of satisfaction.

" I forgot my coat" Leigh said absently.

" I don't think you brought one" Orson said as he peered over the corner.

" It's going to be chilly and I forgot my rain coat"

" Well, you could borrow mine. " Orson offered

Leigh just shook her head and slipped into the night. It was early spring. The march winds still clung even though it was almost the end of April. Leigh was frozen but friends didn't share coats ,lovers did. Lovers inhaled the scent of their partner like they were inhaling their essence. It was the closest thing to having that person inside of you. Epecially when you just couldn't. They were not lovers.

" Well, it was nice meeting you Orson" Leigh smiled and dug out a set of keys. She locked up the townhouse. When she looked up she saw that Orson was scowling.

" What?" She asked concerned

" It sounds like your saying goodbye"

Leigh laughed " Well, I can't stand here on the porch forever"

Orson face was dead serious. There was no laughter in his icey gray eyes. Leigh didn't want to look at them. They glowed but that wasn't what frightened her. The glow reminded her of cats eyes. Cats were not scary. But She saw something in his eyes that no man had ever shown her.

" You know what I mean" Orson replied

" Can we be friends? Really friends? Do you honestly have any human friends?" Leigh said exasperated

He knew why she changed her mind. Ofcourse she changed her mind. He was deadly lethal. She may of had some sort of death wish. But she still didn,t want to die. She won't inivite death woman would. The selfish part of him roared. He had been a lone for so long. It made me keep talking...until it almost sounded like he was begging.

" Your the first but hopefully not the last" Orson answered

Leigh looked at him thoughtfully " Tomorrow will have a try. See if it's against nature"

Orson laughed.

Leigh looked at him offendedly .She folded her arms and then quickly unfolded them. She said " What?"

" I don't think we would be the first of our kind" Orson replied

" What do you mean?"

" Tomorrow' Orson smiled and walked down the steps. He crossed the street and headed for a little black car. Leigh suddenly realized , he had no idea where she lived.

" Wait" She called out " I live on River street..."

Orson interrupted " Don't worry I'll find it and I won't be late"

" What time are you coming anyway?" Leigh shouted

" When it starts raining" Orson called out.

Leigh watched the car door close. Orson sat in his car waiting. Leigh suddenly dashed to her own little black car. She smiled and waved. They both went off in separate directions. Leigh lived by the beach. Orson was driving towards downtown.

But that was all an hour ago. Almost two hours now. The lonliness was back again. The cold saddness was back too. Leigh lay in bed pretending to read a book. She didn't want to admit it even to herself that she was listening for the rain.

Sam and Kevin walked to their car. Relcuntantly. Sam  wasn't much of a drinker but today was a heavy day.  Kevin had suggested they go get a couple of drinks. Sam nodded and they headed to their old haunt, " The Emerld " . They had only sat down for one. Sam had to get home while it was still early. This was his time with his wife.

Sam didn't want to admit it but he wanted to see how she was holding up. Leigh didn't want to be interviewed at home. She had insisted they meet at the police station.Even though they only had a couple of questions for her.None she had an answer for. She seemed familar with the whole thing.She almost walked into the interragation room but this wasn't an interragation. So Sam redirected her to took her to the conference room. It was surprising to him that she even knew where it was.

" That was kinda nice." Kevin commented

" Tell me about it" Sam muttered

" Back to reality.." Kevin trailed off " How long until forensics comes back with the results?"

" Soon..."

But Sam couldn't fill in the blanks, his cell phone had gone off. Sam quickly slide it out of his pocket and flipped it open.

" Ya...." He said

After that it was just solemun nodding. Which was nothing new for Sam, but it was frustrating to Kevin. He would have killed for speaker phone right now. Then Sam quickly hung up and a strange smile formed from his lips.

" You owe me a steak sub"

" Why, do I owe you a sandwich?" Kevin asked

" Quick, get in the car I'll tell you on the way" Sam muttered

Kevin put on his seat belt and recalled a certain bet they made. They both agreed this crime scence was not a murder sucicde. There was skin underneath Mya's finger nails. Bloody skin...She had fought  and  fought hard. Which ment somewhere out there some one was walking around bloody and battered. Not the corpse beside her...

" Let me guess, Just one guess...The skin underneath Mya's nails doesn't match the corpses" Kevin said.

The End

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