My Friend Orson

The woman's complexion became less white and more peach. Her hair was dry and frizzy. That's how he knew too much time had passed. He looked out the window and realized he was too late. The sun was barely out but there would be time to hide out.  Orson tried to discreetly close the blinds, but Leigh's eyes were immediately drawn to Orson. She shot out of the couch.

" What time is it?" Leigh said breathlessly

" We spent all night here" Orson muttered

Leigh stood up and smoothed her clothes. She looked at him seriously concerned as if she finally realized they could be caught  at any time.

She said " We need to go"

Orson bit his lip and looked at the ceiling thoughtfully. But he realized there was only one way to do this. He looked at her equally seriously and said " I can't. The will burn me"

" What? What?" Leigh said

First she looked at him like he was crazy and then she looked at him thoughtfully. She started pacing. Back and forth. Back and forth. Then she stopped abpurptly.

" I suppose it makes sense know..."

" What do you mean?" Orson said warily

" My freak meter was going up. I knew you had to be something..." Leigh said thoughtfully

" What do you think I am ?" Orson said carefully

" A vampire ofcourse" Leigh said irratedly

" And your not scared?' Orson asked

"I told you already I wasn't afraid of death.  I'm tired. I'm going to lie down. You should to it's going to be a long day" Leigh said.

She made the trek to the couch and draped her damp scraf over her body. She sighed and lied down.She double checked...her knife was still there and within reach.

Orson stared at her dumbfoundly and said " Wait, your staying here?"

Leigh closed her eyes and muttered " I'm not leaving a total stranger in my best friend's house"

Six hours later...

Leigh woke up to see Orson reading a very risque novel. She didn't imagine that was his cup of tea. She imagined he preferred the classics or non fiction. What Mya referred as smart people books.

Suddenly Leigh remembered she hadn't taked her pills yet. She ran to the front door and roughly held up her purse and started ruffling through her puse.

She barely noticed Orson looking around the corner. He peered around concerned. Then stepped over to her. He tried to guess what she was looking for probably typical girl stuff...but then she discreetly carried to pill jars to the bathroom and shut the room.

Orson didn't snoop or put his ear too the door. He heard the tap running because of his super hearing and not because he was lingering at the door. Leigh opened the door seconds later. She was anonyed that he was waiting for her. Nosey bugger.

" How long have you had depression?" He asked

Leigh shrugged her shoulders and put her pills back in her purse. The Nosey bugger was at her heels and looking at her expectantly.

" Too long" She sighed

" I suppose I've had it for Two or three centuries" Orson sighed

Leigh eyed the couch. And then made her move.She flopped her bum on the couch and sat cross legged.

" So how many hours did you end up sleeping? If I wasn,t so emotionally exhausted I'd never be able to sleep. Especially here"

Orson said " Your changing the subject but I'll answer your question anyway. I can't sleep...I haven't been able to for a longtime. It's not really a vampire thing..."

" You never sit down" Leigh observed.

Orson looked at the floor uncertainly and the couch and a near bye arm chair. He was feeling oddly gusty so she sat beside her on the couch. From this distance he could see that her eyes were brown. He could count her eye lashes...but he didn't humans would probably find that creepy.

" I'm sitting now"

Leigh chocked back a giggle

" You are smiling" Orson pointed out

" I'm medicated" Leigh shot back

" Do those pills actually work?"

" I'm not talking to you about my depression" Leigh said anonyed

" I'm just curious" Orson said

" I just  can't allow myself be convinced I'm not depressed, that's how suicides happen. you were right I don't want to die. So I take my pills. Eat right and do anything else those doctor's tell me to do." Leigh said absently.

" Such happy conversations" Orson said humorously

" I like our conversations. "Leigh said

Orson shrugged.

" You are to easy to talk to..." Leigh said " I'm not usually..."

Leigh's hand drifted away from the knife and on to her lap. She clasped her hands and sat up rather formally stiffly. She looked at him expectantly. Orson realized then he was waiting for an answer or a comment, something. This was a conversation after all.

" I don't know if I would be a good friend but I'd like to try and be yours"

" My name is Leigh"

" Orson"

Leigh looked up at ceiling thoughtfully and said " Orson. My friend Orson. Weird a boy friend. You know what I mean a boy who is a friend"

" Your not worried that I'm a vampire?"

" Not really...weird...but I trust you. Sort off..."

" I don't drink human blood so your safe" Orson tried to laugh it off and failed.

Leigh didn't laugh either. She was trapped in a daydream. She thought about every vampire book she had ever read, even the horror ones. Describing the sweet surrender...But to her their was nothing more freeing, femine than knowing you were giving life.

Leigh snapped back to attention...She didn't just have a fantasy about him did she. She barely knew him.

Orson didn't pick up, on Leigh's dreamy state. She just looked concerned to him. He did quite buy her claim of fearlessness but he would do whatever he could to remove that fear.

The End

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