First impression

Leigh put her hand on the walls. Moving blindly into the room. Not knowing she wasn't alone. Orson was just a few feet away...then only a breath away...Leigh moved away into the center of the room and just stood there, watching dust fall like snow.

The night was kind to her. Orson thought. Her white skin stood out against her black hair and the black night. Her wet hair was swept out of her face, it exposed her sad eyes. The only sadder ones he had ever seen were in his own reflection. Vampires did have reflections.

Orson made the very bad decision to step in the light. He made no noise but she turned towards him anyway  and gasped. All she did was gasp and he quicky covered her mouth and pulled her  tight against him. Leigh was scared. But she was enraged more. No one...could touch her. She moved her hand to punch him. She squeezed her hand tight. Balled it up as large as she could this couldn't be a girly punch. Orson quickly grabbed both her arms in one hand. Leigh felt like she was quickly sinking under...She kicked his legs viciously. She even tried to head butt him.

Orson sighed and lifted her up to meet his eyes. Leigh's free mouth gasped as she looked not at Orson but her feet. They were not on the ground. She moved her eyes up to meet the eyes of her captor. He said authoratively " Enough"

Orson put the raven haired woman back on the hard wood floor. She woobled for a second. When she caught her balance she stepped back. Way back. When she felt...safer. She looked at him questioningly.

" Your not a cop" She said

" No" Orson replied

" Your not a thief either" Leigh said.

" Not a thief. Neither hero nor villian" Orson answered

Leigh continued analyzing him with her eyes. He was tall.The tallest man she had ever seen. He was thin what some might call wiry. But there was no doubt he was strong. His clothes fit perfectly they were obviously tailored. So she knew he had some money.But she could tell he didn't know Mya. Mya's other friends were grungey dirty. He was neither.

" It makes no sense" She muttered

Leigh paced around endlessly as she tried to make sense of him. He dressed like he had money but also class.Old world class. He obviously wasn't going to rob Mya.  He looked tough but he still tried to make her feel safe. As safe as she could anyway...Leigh held on to the knife in her pocket but she stood causally and decied to test the waters.Leigh never left home without a knife. Today it was a small paring knife that easily fit in her pants small pockets. She didn't feel safe otherwise. Self-defense wasn't good enough you needed good offense. Strike first. Strike last.

" You had key so had to be friends with Mya. You respected her home enough to take your shoes off. You loved her very much. You don,t trust easily but you trusted her. Your trying as hard as you can to move on, to be happy. You haven't been happy for a very long time." Orson analyzed

" Too true" Leigh sighed and sat on the couch " But that's not all of me. There's so much more to me."

" You don't trust, why do you trust me?"

Leigh looked around the room absently and said " Moments ago, you wanted me to trust you and now you want me to run away. So which is it?"

" I suppose I want you to be aware and distrustful" Orson replied thoughtfully

" I don't trust" Leigh said absently as she still held on to the hidden weapon.

Leigh flopped her back on the couch and lied down. Orson approuched slowly. Not quite leaning over her. He hadn,t been around humans for awhile. All he knew about humans was how to scare them. He tried to do the opposite and kept his distance.

" Maybe it's because I want to die" Leigh said

" I don't believe that" Orson shook his head " You just want it to end"

" Will it ever end?" Leigh sighed

" It does" Orson whispered

The End

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