Good bye

Leigh hid behind the wall like some sort of thief when all she wanted to do was steal some time. She watched Luna leave the room unmasked. Finally no fake smiles. Her eyes were rimmed in red. She wiped them prefusely which only made it worse. Leigh watched her leave with a sniffle.

Leigh disappeared into the room and gently closed the door. She turned to see the casket pushed against the wall. On top of it were dozens of pictures of Mya. All ages and stages. Even her gothic stage. That surprised Leigh, Mya's family was pretty straight laced. Maybe they finally realized it was too late to change her.

Leigh approuched the coffin causiously like Mya might jump out at any second. Mya always had a sick sense of humour. But Mya was dead. Murdered. Mya wasn't even in the coffin. She was being held hostage in a steel drawer.

This was not the first time Leigh had to make a statement. It wasn't much of a statement. She hadn't witnessed much. Mya was extremly closed lipped out him. Maybe that was what was the most telling...Mya was not one for secerts. Lies and secerts were the same thing to her. The same sin.

Leigh looked it over causiously again then slowly bent over the coffin and layed her head on the edge. She wrapped her arms around the coffin. It was the only way she could hug her friend. First she started sniffling and then came the crying.

She whispered a million billion times " Why?" but no one answered. Now Leigh was utterly alone in the world. Mya in many ways was her soulmate. The only one who understood her. Now all that was left was fakes.

Leigh probted herself up but had no intention of leaving yet. She picked up the last picture of Mya. She was smiling as she bit into a huge cookie. A cookie they had bought at the market to share but somehow Maya ended up eating it all. But the real reason she was smiling was She had met a man. But wouldn't introduce him to Leigh...not yet. Like she didn't want her bubble burst just yet...

Just two day laters...The police gave her some CSI mumbo jumbo. All Leigh understood was the sick F*** bought her flowers, took her out to dinner then he killed her. Why? Why couldn't he just love her like men were suppose to? Why did he have to kill her?

The worse part of it all was. They found him dead with his arms around her like she was still his even in death. Leigh started sobbing then but quicky choaked back. She didn't cry in public.

She felt a vague sense of deju vu as she wiped her eyes. Didn't she just see Luna do the samething. Leigh squeezed Mya's necklace. She wanted to say goodbye. She wanted to be free of everything that was rotting her. But the rage was too much. Leigh wanted revenge. Revenge against whom? There was no one left to blame except maybe herself.

Leigh lay her head against Mya one last time and laughed hysterically " Ashes to ashes...Dust to dust...Nevermore,...ha ha " And then quicky broken down again. Grief made you do some wacko stuff. She tried to compose herself but it just made the sobbng worse.

Leigh knew she was going to remember this momment for the rest of her life. She couldn't end her friendship with Mya like this. Mya would say " What did I tell you about buying cheap crack?"

And she would respond " If your going to do it you should do it properly right?"

Leigh looked up at a picture of Mya and said " I guess I should say what everybody says. I miss you. God damn it, I do.  You don't want to hear this but...You know me...I'll never marry..I'm too damaged for that. You were kind of that for me. I know, it sounds gay. It just wish..."

Leigh choaked back one more sob and said " You know what I wish for'

Kevin and Sam left their pews and made their way outside for some air. Kevin smoked. Sam was trying to quit. His wife's order. So far it wasn't working. The evidence lingered in his mouth hanging out the side.

Kevin patted Sam's back " Thanks for going along on this..."

" Last one" Sam warned

" Before we go I want to check out and see how there all doing" Kevin said

" Don't get personal kid. You aren't superman. You can't save everyone. The best you can do is save a couple of people"

Kevin nodded his head but disagreed " I'm not getting personal it's only human to be moved...but I won't let it get in the way. I'm a cop, I'm fair, I'm firm..."

" Nice Speach, can't wait to see it in action..."

The End

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