Left behind

The Priest eyed the crowd. His eyes were warm sympathetic to everyone except Orson. As soon as his eyes met Orson's he started starring him down. His kind wasn't allowed here.  It seemed the lords forgiveness did not extend to them. They weren't murders anymore. Bagged blood was widely available. It wasn't the same...but Orson would never drink from another human again...The temptation was too great. Blood drinking opened the channels between souls. It was to easy to forget that it wasn't a televison channel, an object. Even for him. He had always considered himself a gentleman.

Orson saw the cops. They ofcourse would never see or notice him. He sat amungst the crowd. Nothing stood out in this uniformed crowd. Just black on black. But he could see them scanning the crowds anyway. So Accusing...Why?

Detective  Sammy Malone didn't have a soft spot for anyone. He didn't want to be here. The promise of finger sandwiches weren't even enough to bring him here. He was here for his partner. Detective Kevin Brodrick was still young on the force. He still felt things...got all emotional..touchy feely. Kevin felt sorry for them all...especially for that Leigh girl. The odd one. The quiet one...the one that left so much unsaid...

Leigh ignored the mumbling of another bible verse. Why were they even here? Why were they reading the bible? Mya hated the catholic church. Mya apperciated the beauty of chuches and some of their readings but that was as far as she was willing to go. Mya considered herself a buddist. She immersed herself in everything eastern. That was real beauty to her.The simplicity of yourself  and furthering yourself. Leigh wondered if Mya had already been reincarnated. She knew she hadn't yet found Nirvana, Mya's life was incomplete...stolen. Murdered. Leigh wondered if she would ever stop in her tracks as she stared at a child with Mya's eyes. Mya's amber eyes.

After the funeral was over Orson scoted the crowd. They all looked the same to him. Sheeps flocking to the refreashments. He would have to do the same. Orson sighed he hated people. He would watch and see who reached for that yellow rain coat...

Leigh felt like she was being followed. She turned around and realized she was. Luna stopped jogging to keep up and walked towards Leigh. Luna gave a weird breathy laugh and then tried to catch her breath. Leigh looked her over. She supposed they looked similar. Mya was white candian but somehow manged to look exotic mysterious. Mya and Luna had the same blond hair and fair complexion. But Luna"s features appeared much more ordinary. People probably assumed Luna was the girl next door. People like simplicity and predicatablity. Labels.

" I'm glad I caught up to you. My Mom and I are just so thankful for your help this week and we know how hard this has been for you too. Anyway I know Mya would want you to have this..."

Luna drifted off and then lifted up Leigh's hand and dropped Mya's ribiculous charm necklace. It had several  silver strains that were always getting tangled up. She insisted on having mementos of ridiculous events. Like the first time she went to costco. She bought a whole bunch of tuna. She kept asking if every product was a good deal? Was she really saving money by  buying in bulk? Leigh had told her " Just buy it. It's tuna, it won't expire you'll use it eventually" She probably still had cans left, kicking around in her cupboard. Mya wore that blob of silver everywhere and with everything

Leigh muttered " Thank you"

That was Luna"s que to excit but she lingered and made odd faces as she searched for something to say. Leigh took mercy on her and said " Beautiful funeral"

" Beautiful song. Your a wonderful writer Leigh but we all knew that"

Leigh blushed. There were much better writers out there, with bolder stronger voices. It seemed their was an audience that was willing to listen to her romantic whispers. One day she would branch out and do something more substaniel but right now this rut was way to comfortable and safe.

" Thank you but your going to give me a big head" Leigh laughed nervously

Leigh wondered when she could safetly leave. She didn't enjoy small talk and Luna continued to chatter on nervosly.

" So, are you going to the wake? Do you want to walk with me? We don't need to go in together or anything..."

" Yeah, later I think I might go downstairs first. Get a sandwich. Hear I'm sorry for your lose a billion times" Leigh giggled

God she was giggling worse than a school girl. Luna probably that she was just as mature. Luna just continued smiling over enthusiastically. She shrugged her shoulders and said " Suit yourself"

Leigh didn't go to the common room. She did not go and eat any sandwiches. Leigh watched Luna walk away and sank back in a pew. She should have been used to this forever being the one left behind.

Orson watched the yellow rain coat remain still and untouched.

The End

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