A Slow Burn

The slow and gradual burning of love between a vampire and a human girl

It only seemed appropriate that it rained at a funeral. It would be offensive for the weather to do anything else. Orson watched the black clad figures run from their cars. They buried themselves in blacksuit jackets and turned their hands into rain hats. They did anything they could too keep out the cold until the cold disappeared. Underneath the churches overhang they chatted and smoked before disappearing behind stonewalls.

He was surprised at the sound of softer slower foot prints. He swiftly turned to the noise. A woman walked off the pavement and on to the grass. Her face was buried in a large yellow rain coat. But it looked like she was watching her feet as she walked. She walked down aisles of tombstones in no particular direction, Her gait was slow and disorganized. Was she lost?

Leigh unzipped her yellow raincoat and hung it up in the chruch common room. She watched for a second as tiny water droplets slide from her coat to the floor. Then straightened her padmina. She shivered underneath the thin scarf. Leigh focused on her physical feelings. Hunger, thirst, sleep all things she could take care of. There was nothing she could do about the black beetles eating her up.

After too much time alone she made her away to her pew up front. She didn't know if they expected her to put on a brave face or to cry her guts out, so she made a small smile. Let them come to their own conclusions.Everyone was here even the police. She supposed they didn't go to all the funerals they were invited to. They were homicide detectives they would mean a lot of funeral...obviously. Were they shaken by Mya's murder as well?

Leigh let her not so old bones thump on the pew. She was stuck next Maya's mother and sister. Like she was family. Maya's mother gave her a kind smile and Luna, Maya's sister gently squeezed her hand. Leigh returned their gestures after all, all it was, was gestures. No one could feel as empty as she did. The only person that would ever truly understood her was dead. Mya her friend, her other half was dead. Mya was dead and not coming back. Houdini never came back...like he said he would. There was no hope for Mya returning, not even to whisper goodbye.

The sound of a piano filled the church and echoed. Everyone started sitting up straighter. The woman at the piano started singing " Love is not mortal..." It was odd her voice was low smoky. Papers stopped wrestling so they could make out every word. "  I know you love me no matter where you are, some day that will be enough..."  Orson hadn't been to church for a long time but he didn't think this was a hymn. He had heard people where playing pop songs at funerals. But he didn't recognize the song either.

 " I mustn't never forget love is immortal..." The song drifted off and died apburtly. Orson looked around. It seemed as if he was the only one who felt the song was not quite done...

The End

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