A Slippery Slope

This is a dark tale of the miserable life of Mary Ann. Warning: Self-harm

Mary Ann was a troubled child but had not a troubled life.

She sought perfection but far from that she was.

She punished herself for mistakes and starved herself because she's "fat."

114 pound Mary got a B on a test in school.

She hurried home to the empty house crying, knowing what she must do.

Mary Ann grabbed the little box from her desk and lifted up the lid.

She reached straight for the bottom and pulled out her best friend.

The blade said it would help her like it did in the past.

Mary Ann took off her shorts, revealing labyrinth of raised cuts and scars.

She dragged the blade across her thighsadding more to the collection.

She trace over words like WEAK and FAT so they would forevered be etched in her skin.

Each stroke of the blade went deeper and deeperbut the pain was already fading.

Mary Ann knew what to do, as she turned on the shower, blood dripping down her legs.

She stepped in and let the water sting the open wounds, she deserved this.

The tub filled with blood water and Mary Ann sat down.

She plunged her head underwater until the world began to fade.

She resurfaced and coughed up some water but was back under just as soon.

Mary Ann let the world fade once more, then it was over.

Mary Ann did not resurface, but stayed sleeping in a pool of her blood.

She is finally free of this horrid world we live in, free at last.

The End

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