A slight exaggeration of the truth

The results of various writing exercises me and my mental friend set each other. Some elements are based on true events...kind of.

It looked harmless enough. A box. A muddy cardboard coloured, slightly rectangular shaped box. And I was told to never, under any circumstances, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, EVER touch it. Of course, this forbidden item instantly raised my curiosity to alarming levels. And as any kid knows, the most exciting things are those you're not allowed...

Tick tock. Tick tock. The grandfather clock leaning precariously against the chest of drawers struck louder, louder, mocking me as I sat unable to move, unable to tear myself away from the inviting brown box. Just one quick look? My mind begged. Surely no harm would come to it, and my mother was prone to rather melodramatic over-cautions. But still, somewhere deep within my agglomeration of a brain was lodged a sliver of rationality. If I was told not to touch something, it must be for a good reason, right?

Oh what the heck. As if some deep primeval urge had been unleashed, I flew across the room and jumped the box in seconds. Now you are mine, I mentally gloated, my preious, precious- ok at that moment I stopped, being reminded too vividly of the annoyingly schizophrenic creature from the Lord of the Rings. Pushing that unpleasant thought aside, I unleashed my deadly nail stubs and tore. Riiiiiiiippppppp. In one swift motion I demolished the top of the box and revealed- a head? An ageless male; a 3D monochrome model. Slowly he opened his glinting silver eyelids and stared out with steel irises. "Whaaaaaa...????????" I was unaware of the nonsense streaming from my open mouth. With a sigh, the grey head lifted up its chin and slowly rose above the level of the box. "The head is floating!!!!!" I shrieked, and ran for my short sixteen year old life.

I ran and ran, never stopping, charging through my house until SPLAT. My vision faded as clouds and stars and pixies danced and swirled and, and...

When I woke I was in bed, sitting bolt upright staring fixtatedly at nothing. Just a dream...It was all a dream? Looking over at an unfamiliar shape in the corner, I noticed a large, mud brown cardboard box sitting there. "Take it away!" I screamed, and dived down back under the covers. I'd learned my lessons with lesson with boxes. From now on I wasn't taking any chances.


The End

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