A Slice of Life

None yet...O_O

The expedition, thus far, was really starting to go well.



It wasn’t something that could usually be said by the collector , seeing as the types of locations he tended to sift through tended to have high concentrations of vermin, and low concentrations of legitimateresults. And he had someone he could blame for that, too…



The native animals started to bother him again, hurling a few bolts of stuff they’d found on their world. The collector decided it was worth his time to take some  of them for analysis. They’re certainly common enough, he thought. So he pegged a few with ion shots and dragged them in on a cable. Plus, if his son asked for a souvenir, he could finally give it to him…a real, unique native Quarrian ape. Certainly better than the viruses he’d been finding.


It was almost fun, for a time, before something actually burst on the collector. He shot the little blighter that did that to him, and proceeded to decide it was getting kind of noisy where he was, and he’d begun to grow tired of hunting. So he beamed himself back up onto the ship.


Maybe I can get a few of their primitive tools…


He’d seen a couple, on his way down. Some sort of shelter, which was a bit rare for Sec. Gev worlds. So he deconstructed them with a few quick calculations, and saved the data for later.  He was on  bit of a timetable, so he left then to go and see his son's game...


Meanwhile, the obituaries in The Daily Star read much higher that day—America had suffered an alien attack. 

The End

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