Myfanwy awoke earlier than usual on that morning. The sun was only just rising: its pale light was only just beginning to seep stealthily through the pale green cotton curtains. The girl did not notice, not then, that she was floating about a foot above the ground. It seemed to her only natural.

            Her young mind was instead focused on one single thing. The fact was that this lovely August morning heralded the beginning of an important date: her thirteenth birthday. Her parents, Anna and Matt, both knew without a doubt that this was the day their little daughter, an only child, would begin to develop her own unusual abilities. But they had never dreamed of just how potent these would be, not had they told Myfanwy anything, each for their own reason.

            “Mum! Dad!” the young girl shouted excitedly as she ran into their bedroom. When she crossed the doorway, she paused, wondering if really she was too old for this behaviour, but decided she wasn’t. She leaped onto their bed, waking both her parents up, cutting short their beauty sleep.

            Myfanwy’s unusual home environment and the alien species of her parents had given her strong powers. She was yet to find out how strong they were: more powerful even than her mother’s. And Anna had been the strongest for over five hundred years, or so her teacher told her. But this child did not know that.

            “What time is it?” groaned Anna, brushing her hair out of her eyes. But she stopped in her tracks when she saw Myfanwy.

            The young teenager’s eyes were glowed bright gold. Her slight frame was wrapped with blue and gold sparks; her hair crackled with excess electricity. From her fingertips small flames were arising, ready to devour. All of the power that Anna held, now, at the age of thirty-five, was eclipsed by the thirteen-year-old’s Gifts.

            “Matt!” Anna exclaimed, shaking her husband, though he was already half awake. “Matt, it’s happened, at last!”

The End

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