33 Part 1

            As she walked down the aisle, Anna realised what it was that was wrong. Although the sunlight coming through the stained glass windows of the little church was very pretty, it wasn’t right. With a tiny flick of her power, she turned the day into night. Outside, now, it was dark. Because they were in the open countryside, yet still half and hour’s drive from her house, there were no streetlights. The stars were clearly visible.

            Take the wedding outside, she told the vicar. He jumped at the words entering his head, but raised his arms.

            “This wedding will take place outside,” he said. It was a dry summery day - or night, now - so Anna was not worried about her dress getting muddy. She smiled with quiet delight as the wedding was held in the gardens, under a sky full of stars. It seemed to her that the one thing which connected her with Matt was their love of stars. She glanced at him, and saw his neck craned in wonder as his strange gold and green eyes drank in the wonderful light of the stars.

            “Thanks, Anna,” he whispered. Perhaps, she thought, it reminds him of home. The thought made her laugh but she bit her lip. This was a serious occasion.

            Music played from somewhere behind them. It was a joyful but sedate dance tune, and Anna felt her spirits soar. She hardly realised what she was doing as she and Matt exchanged rings under the light of the stars and a huge full moon that hung in the sky, far bigger than normal. Instead, she focused only on the silver lights that shone down on her beloved, making his eyes glow, and his skin as pale as dust.

            Finally the music started again, but this time it was lively and fast. The guests, dressed in beautiful clothing were about to start dancing when silence fell, suddenly. The musicians dropped their instruments at the same time, and there was complete stillness.

            From behind the couple, who stood with their hands clasped, Delorfinde and Spook stepped forward. Their dresses stood out against the white that Anna wore, and everybody gasped as they Shifted to the form of a phoenix, rising up in front of the bride and groom with a burst of flame. A huge cheer followed this ascent, and they circled the area once, and then came to land, returning to their human form.

            The music started up, and then the dancing began.

            After three hours, Anna flopped into her seat, exhausted.

She had done her best to dance, but it was hard while wearing such a cumbersome outfit. Matt was still dancing, and he was just as graceful as she had always expected he would be.

Getting up from the chair, Anna called Spook over to her. Her friend was also out of breath, and appeared to have taken off her bridesmaid's dress. She wore only a black skirt and t-shirt, now.

"I'm going to get changed," she said. Spook nodded.

"Do you need any help?" she said, looking at the complicated fastenings on the gown. Anna shook her head and left the dance floor. Her other outfit was in the car, the white one which had brought her here. She had not shown it to anyone. Feeling slightly nervous, she made her way to the bathrooms and started to get changed.

The End

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