32 Part 2

            “As do you,” replied Spook, glancing at Anna’s white dress. It was very simple, and similar in style to their dresses.

The dress had a bodice that was overlaid with white lace. It was embroidered with silver and blue flowers, reaching up to the neckline and then arcing in a graceful curve to the waste, which was obvious because of the belt-like embroidery of flowers and stars.

The soft white skirt fell to the floor, with a small train behind it, but it was not ostentatious. Silver stars and blue flowers fell in lines down the length of it, to join in a dance along the bottom, a hem of embroidery. The train was plain except from the last few inches, which had a border of the same embroidery. Silver sparkles ornamented the sleeves and bodice, adding a final touch.

With the red dresses like mirror images of this one, it would be a well matched party that descended to the wedding. Anna smiled, and stroked the raised lumps of embroidery at her waist. She was pale from lack of sleep, and had used her magic to change the colour and texture of her hair ever so slightly. Instead of plain and mousy brown, she had thickened it, adding slight waves, and made the brown much more coppery. In addition, she had added shots of red, gold and orange throughout it, just single hairs with a brighter colour, to add more interest.

Delorfinde's arrangement of it made the hair appear silky and smooth, but showed off the new highlights, especially when the light caught it. Anna looked at herself again in the mirror, with her two bridesmaids behind her, and knew that for once in her life she looked beautiful.

"Anna, we have to go now," said Spook, looking at the clock. In alarm, Anna looked up and saw that the wedding would be starting in just a minute or two.

"I can't do this!" she exclaimed, all of her old fears coming back. "I'm going to have a breakdown, I know I am!" She started to make her way across the room, and Delorfinde laid a cool hand on her arm.

"Use your magic to calm yourself," she said. "It'll help."

Now why didn't I think of that? Anna thought to herself as she did what Delorfinde had suggested. Immediately her fears vanished, and she felt ready to face anything - even the crowds of local people that the wedding would have brought in.

They made their way to the front door, where the white wedding car was waiting. Spook had wanted a horse and cart - much more romantic, she said. But Anna's finances would not stretch that far, even with her powers. She could only make money that she desperately needed, not money that she wanted. There seemed to be a restriction on this. Maybe it was a fairy law - she didn't know.

I wish my parents would be there, Anna thought, remembering the two humans that had brought her up even though she wasn't there own daughter: even though she was in fact of a different species. I don't really want them to miss this. But it was too late for these regrets. That seemed to be Anna's catchphrase, she noticed. She'd thought that too many times before.

As they sat in the car, Anna in the middle with her two fiery bridesmaids beside her, she felt blissfully calm, and although she knew it was only the magic she liked to pretend that she had got to grips with her feelings at last. The flowers piled up against the back windscreen made the light coming in a very strange colour, and Anna was thrust back into a memory of a day with light like this, eight years ago.

The End

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