31 Part 2

            “Miss you?” she said, and kissed him swiftly. She wanted to hold on for longer but knew her house mate would be down any moment. “I should say so.” He kicked the door closed behind him.

            “Matt?” said Spook, coming down the stairs like a descending angel.

            “The very same, Spook,” Matt replied, taking her in his other arm and hugging her, too. “But before a single explanation, there’s something else I had to do.” He released them both, kneeling down in front of Anna. A single drop of blood dripped from his shirt to the floor, but Anna hardly noticed. Suddenly she was sure that she knew what he was going to say, and when he did finally speak, her suspicions were confirmed.

            “Anna O’Sullivan, though I’ve left you all these years and kept so much from you, will you marry me?” he said. There was a long silence as Anna tried to sort out her whirling thoughts.

            I’m only nineteen! And he’s - how old? Forty five? If he was human for fifteen, Celryn for ten, and Telcontar for twenty … yes, that makes forty five. What would my parent say? But they’re dead. And surely they would just want me to be happy? I love him, and I think he loves me too. Isn’t that good enough? Her mental questions bounced to and fro off her skull, but she silenced them with a mental gaze, which if physical would have silenced a room full of rowdy teenage boys.

            “Yes,” she said at last, after a deep breath. “Yes, Matt, I will.” And she ignored the fact that he had left her for nearly five years. She ignored the fact that they were of different species, and she ignored the age gap.

            He was here now, and she loved him, and that was all that mattered.

The End

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