29 Part 1

**I'm so sorry, Elo and Moon!!!**

Spook of Night dried her eyes, and looked again at the letter that lay so innocently on the table. Elorithryn and Moonwalker … dead? She still found it hard to believe – still didn’t want to believe that she would never see them again. When she went off to fight alongside her friends she had never in her wildest dreams expect that she was the one who would not come back.

So this is why they didn’t come, she thought. At least now I know. I’d hate to think it was because they were cowards. She looked at the thin sunlight filtering through the blinds, and its mirror light, the glow of the southern moon, Celn. Unlike on Earth, these moons actually gave out light – they didn’t just reflect it.

“I can’t live here alone,” Spook decided. She had returned with the survivors from the fight – only fifteen or so of them. Among the fallen had been one of her close friends, Jeth.

Where else can you go? Her conscience prickled the back of mind, telling her the truth that she didn’t want to hear. There is no where else. You’re alone in the universe.

“Go away!” she told it crossly. There was a gentle knock at the door, and she opened it to reveal Delorfinde, whose hair was tangled. It was obvious at once that she had only just got out of bed.

“Spook?” said Delorfinde. “I heard about what happened … I just can’t believe it. I’m so sorry.” She took the letter from Spook’s hand and sat her down in a chair, glancing at the unfeeling printed words.

Elorithryn and Moonwalker were killed three days ago when the Celryn came in search of anyone that represented a possible ally to the fairy girl, Anna. Since you were not here, the Celryn took out their anger on your Elders.

It said nothing else, and Delorfinde could not help feeling a righteous anger at the emotionless writers of this letter. She was sure it must have been one of the higher-ups - perhaps it was even Nick himself?

“I can’t stay here,” said Spook, her tears returning. She wiped them away angrily with the ball of her hand, rocking slightly on her chair. “I don’t want to live alone.”

“I’d put you up at my place, but…” Spook nodded. Delorfinde lived in a tiny little flat - there wasn’t room there for more than her family.

“I just don’t know where else to go!” she admitted, starting to cry. These tears were annoying her. She tried to hold them back but it was no good.

            “Why don’t you go and stay with Anna?” Delorfinde suggested, her face lighting up as it always did when she had an idea. “I know she would have you - she probably hates living alone just as much as you do.”

            “That’s a point … but she lives on Earth. I don’t want to have to leave everything and everyone behind.” Her tears now abating, Spook looked up. “But I will if I have to,” she said. “Del, you’re a genius.”

The End

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