27 Part 3

            “Umm, my parents died,” said Anna. That much was true, at least. She just hoped Tally wouldn’t call for elaboration.

            “Oh my days! You poor thing!” Tally hugged her. “How did it happen?”

            “I don’t really want to talk about it,” Anna admitted. “It’s hard…”

            “Of course,” Tally said, smiling sympathetically. She was a good friend - she always knew when not to press for answers. “If ever you want to tell someone, though, remember that I’m here, okay?” she added, as they began to walk into the school.

            “Yeah. Thanks, Tally,” said Anna. She opened her locker, unable to remember what books it was that she needed. “What’ve we got first?” she asked, trying to remember. Her timetable had slipped completely out of her mind.

            “I’ve got English and Spanish, but you’ve got English and Ancient Greek,” said Tally, looking at her oddly. “Are you all right? You always used to remember our timetable…”

            “Yeah, fine. Well, no, I’m not, but you know all of that. And how many times do I have to tell you? It’s Classical Greek, not Ancient Greek!” She smiled. It felt good to be back to normal life, but she knew that it wouldn’t last.

            “All right, I know,” said Tally, smiling too. She didn’t know what it was that had changed about her friend, but she knew it was good for Anna to be teasing her again. If that side of her came back, it couldn’t be too long before the rest of it followed.

            A bell rang. Anna jumped out of her skin. She had forgotten how loud that school bell was.

            “What is up with you?” murmured Tally. Anna ignored her, pretending she hadn’t heard. A human wouldn’t have, anyway. Only her fairy senses made it possible.

            They made their way into the classroom, while Anna resisted the urge to use her powers to make her bag a bit lighter.

The End

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