25 Part 3

            “I don’t think they’ll launch another attack for a while yet,” said Matt. “There’s too few of them, and now they know what they’re up against, they won’t risk it.” He glanced at Anna, who still lay unconscious, having not yet come around from her faint.

            “I think that what we should do is hunt them out.” Matt held up his hand to silence the protests that burst out from the Protagonists and Telcontar assembled. “Hear me out,” he told them.

            “If we manage to find them we can take them by surprise, and destroy them. But if we wait for them, who knows how much of Earth they will destroy on their way?” There was silence - complete and utter silence. Everyone knew that he was right, but they didn’t like the idea. “If we find them in their own territory they won’t be able to destroy the Earth while they are fighting. Do you not see?”

            “We understand, but cannot help,” said Summer, stepping forward.

            “What?” exclaimed Spook. “We can’t leave Anna to fight on her own!” Her passionate outburst earned her a stern glance from the Elders.

            “The Telcontar must do this - Anna needs to rest. We do not expect her to fight. For the number of Celryn that are left, we don’t think she needs to.” Summer’s voice was flat, emotionless.

            “We’d be dead if it weren’t for Anna. Dead and the whole universe destroyed,” Spook argued, in awe of her friend. None of them, save perhaps Matt, had seen her powers in action before, and that had been nothing compared to this.

            “It’s true that we owe her our lives many times over,” Matt said, sincerely and with great feeling. They all looked at the young girl who appeared merely to be sleeping. But as they watched she stirred, opening her eyes suddenly.

            “What happened? Did we win?” she asked. Her hair flew out all over the place as Anna looked around her frantically. She saw her army, relatively intact, and saw the bodies of so many Celryn.

            “Thank the Lord,” she whispered, but she did not close her eyes again. Instead, they focused with piercing clarity on the dove’s feather, unharmed despite the raging battle, on the shelf opposite her.

            Do not be afraid, she heard again in her mind. I am with you.

The End

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