22 Part 4

Matt picked up her thoughts, because after all, she was projecting them quite loudly, and smiled.

            “Don’t be like that, Anna,” he said. “Think positive!” She gave him a look, which clearly said that he was not wanted here. Matt shied away from her, pretending to be scared.

            After a bit of careful wiggling of the tiny wire Anna finally managed to get the computer to register the camera. It bleeped and announced that the hardware had been detected. Anna sighed, pleased.

            Expert on a laptop mouse-pad, Anna opened up the My Computer browser, finally finding the program she wanted.

            “This’ll do,” she muttered, and Matt looked up.

            “What? Sorry, did you say something?” He had not been paying attention, and thought she was talking to him.

            “Nothing,” Anna replied, in a long-suffering voice. “I wasn’t talking to you.” His frown relaxed.

            “Good, because I’m thinking and don’t want to be disturbed.”

            Bully for you, then, thought Anna. You’ve got all the time in the world to think. Me? I’ve only got to save the universe, that’s all.

            “I can hear that, you know,” said Matt, opening one eye.

            “I know you can,” she replied shortly. That was the intention.”

            With a few deft movements, Anna succeeded in finding the Navigator page. She went through long lists of actions, finally finding the small red button that was marked ‘reverse’. Clicking on this, they watched as a window popped up and text scrolled down through the page, covering it almost entirely with gobbledegook and numbers that meant nothing to them.

            “Is that a good sign?” said Matt, not having seen this before, but Anna was expert at hacking into other people’s computers and had experienced this previously.

            “Of course it is – don’t worry about it.” She pressed the ‘x’ button, knowing that this was wasting time and was unnecessary.

            Less than five minutes later a small box popped up again. It contained only some coordinates and a text box, with a flashing cursor.

            Central download, wrote Anna. All information restricted or not, download to central. The computer beeped plaintively, and proceeded to download.

            As information flew from the Celryn’s computer to Matt’s, Anna wondered whether this was the right thing to do. What if they caught her? But she remembered her powers and their earlier victory, although they had had help, and was strengthened. Besides, she had a protector, and she wasn’t talking about the Telcontar.

            --Open or Save-- the computer asked.

            Open, said Anna and a file expanded to fill the screen. It was a text document, but most of it was in a variety of languages, none of which Anna understood. It could be a problem. How would they know what it said?

            “We’re dead,” said Matt, his face being drained of all colour as he understood what they were doing. His past meant that he could read the strange scripts and symbols, although Anna had temporarily forgotten this.

            “What are they planning?” she whispered, not knowing whether she really wanted to know. Matt raised a trembling finger and pointed to a section of the text, which was written in a script that looked like pictures. Some sort of hieroglyphics, maybe.

            “That bit there – it tells us what they’re going to do, and how. They’re going to destroy the Earth, but that’s the least of it.” He swallowed. Anna did, too, because if Matt was scared then this must be bad. She had never seen him frightened before, about anything. “They want to destroy everything – the entire universe. And then, when they’ve done that, they’re going to move onto the spiritual plane – heaven, hell, the lot of it. They’re not going to leave anything – not a single, physical atom.”

            “How can we stop them?” Her voice was a croak, her throat constricted with this realisation. “There’s nothing we can do – there’s too many of them!”

            “I don’t know,” Matt responded, suddenly looking his age, which was much older than Anna, although she didn’t know exactly by how much. “They can’t succeed – it’s impossible. But it’s not us that’s going to stop them; it’ll be a suicide mission to even try.”

            “We need more allies,” Anna decided.

            “But who?”

The End

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