22 Part 3

            A moment later, Anna stood, brushed herself down and came over to him. She had wiped away the tears that had dried on her face, made herself presentable, but he had one thing left to say.

            “I think you should change your top,” he told her. Anna looked down, and saw the huge rips that the Celryn had made.

            “I agree,” she replied, and laughed. Matt pretended to cover his eyes, and she slapped his hand. “It’s not that bad, is it?” she asked, suddenly anxious. He shook his head.

            “Not really.” She laughed, a high, tinkling laugh, and ran back inside the house. Within seconds, she had returned, with a different outfit – a t-shirt and jeans fresh from the airing cupboard. Even through her training, Anna had not been idle around the house.

            “Much better,” Matt told her, then lifted the vase from the table in the corner of the room. “Now, I suppose we should get on with this.” He tipped it upside down gently, and shook it until something cold and smooth fell into his hand. It was the camera, the one that they had saved to trace.

            “I completely forgot!” exclaimed Anna. She set up his laptop on the repaired coffee table, but remembered they had no chairs still intact. “Oh, for goodness sake.” She went over to an armchair and laid her hands on it. Matt didn’t see exactly what happened but a moment later she stepped away and the chair was whole again. She did the same to the other, and then proceeded to mend the sofa. This took a moment later, but when they both flopped onto it with a laugh, it was softer and more comfortable than ever it had been before.

            “Right, show me what you can do,” said Matt, pointing to the camera that lay, somewhat self-consciously, next to the laptop. Anna bit her lip, suddenly not sure if she could do this.

            “If it goes wrong, don’t blame me,” she muttered, and Matt laughed.

“Who shall I blame, then?” he asked. She glared at him, and grabbed the wire from where it still lay like a snake that had fallen asleep on the coffee table.

“Here goes nothing,” she said to herself, as she reconnected the camera with the wire. The computer was silent – Anna began to think that she had done something wrong.

Come on, work, she thought. Come ON, computer, don’t die on me now…

The End

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