21 Part 2

            “Love you, Anna,” said Matt, as they broke apart, and turned to face the Celryn. Spurred into action once more, the demons leaped upon them, fighting tooth and claw.

            “Love you too, Matt,” whispered Anna, but she knew he couldn’t possibly have heard her. Miraculously, though, he turned to face her, a single moment of connection within the fight that went on all around them.

            Anna cast a bolt of fire, throwing it into the face of the nearest Celryn, who screamed and fell, setting fire to two of its companions in the process. The living room would be destroyed, but their own lives, and the deaths of these devils, were more important. Besides, Anna could easily make it again with her powers. Wasn’t she the strongest fairy in centuries – ever, maybe? Even though she was half-human, and had only just learned to use her powers. Yes, even then she was the most powerful, and a strong weapon on the side of Good.

            Two other Celryn fell upon her, seeing the glow in her eyes that heralded new magic. She was casting lightning fork after lightning fork at the attackers, but they just kept coming. For one bizarre, detached moment, Anna wondered why no one outside had raised the alarm, but that was before she realised the Celryn had magic  on their side too. They had placed a shield around the house, something that would stop any humans from noticing anything amiss.

            It won’t fool any Telcontar that happen to be around, Anna thought, and took heart from that realisation.

            The Celryn had a huge advantage. There were hundreds of them. When one was killed, two more arrived to take its place, and she realised that they kept sending more and more ships. Everything they had was being put into this attack, with the view that when she was dead everything they had worked for could be put into action. After this, Anna put everything she had into the attack. If she could destroy these warriors, the Celryn would be greatly depleted.

            Matt! She screamed the single word in her mind, willing him to hear her. He looked up, confused. Can you hear me?

            He nodded, obviously unsure of how to answer. Just think, I’ll hear you, she told him, and his expression of shock was so great that Anna wished she had a camera. It was amazing, the way that she was learning to use her powers every second, and she only wished that there was more time to learn. At this rate, she would never find out exactly what she could do.

            This is their shock attack, she told him. They weren’t expecting us to be ready to fight back – they thought we would be too frightened.

            Are you sure? I mean, I know there are a lot of them. Matt was confused. She could read his feelings as easily as the words he was projecting at her, and all the thoughts that he was hiding.

            Anna knew that what he wanted to say was, “I don’t think we can hold out much longer. There are too many of them – they’re going to defeat us.”

            Don’t think like that, she told him. We have powers they’ve never even dreamed of, and I can read their minds, find out what they’ll do next.

            Of course! I never thought of that, Matt replied. Can you do that now? Find out what they’re going to send at me next?

            Anna focused. The Celryn’s minds were far different from what she had imagined. Matt’s was so pure and unblemished, but in the corners, there were faint traces of the evil he had once been. And in the centre of his mind, the hub of emotions, there was a part that was purely human.

            But the Celryn were a different matter. Their minds were the complete inversion of everything that was good about Matt’s, and they had no emotion at all. The centre of their minds was empty, filled with bitterness and rage. Their thoughts were a jumble, but there was one that projected itself in every mind.

            Get the girl. Get rid of her.

The End

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