21 Part 1

            Anna jumped up, suddenly terrified. She knew that the engines belonged to the Celryn – her every sense was telling her so. Could she fight them?

            It was only a few moments later, when Matt laid his hand on her arm, that she remembered her powers, and remembered that she was not alone. She could do this – they would not destroy her.

            Trying to hide the evidence, Anna disconnected the camera from the computer and hid it in a tall vase in the corner of the room. She would worry about how to get it out later; for now, the most important thing was that the Celryn did not suspect what they were doing.

            Matt shut the laptop down hastily, closing the lid and returning it to its bag, which had sat in the corner of the room for days now, unused and unwanted. The laptop slipped in with a soft fftt that seemed so tiny in the room, silent with anticipation.

            Their tasks complete, Anna and Matt stood by the double doors of the living room, looking out into the garden. The snow had stopped and the sun was coming out, lighting the white blanket with a thousand tiny jewels. It was a beautiful sight, and everything was so calm that it seemed impossible that anything bad could happen, not on a day like this.

            They remained hand in hand, knowing that ever moment was precious. The Celryn would burst their way into the living room and moment now, and they would once again be fighting for their lives. These stolen minutes were too valuable to waste. Anna squeezed Matt’s hand encouragingly, sending a short shock of power over to him. His eyes widened – her, considerably stronger, powers were now boosting his own.

            “You never cease to amaze me, Anna,” he whispered, and she smiled back. It felt good to have done something right for once; felt good to receive praise instead of criticism. If only it could have been in different circumstances, when she would have had time to savour the moment.

            “I try to make life a little more interesting,” she joked. “Most of the time, I don’t succeed.” He raised his eyebrows.

            “This isn’t interesting?” he said, as they heard the front door crash open.

            “Not enough,” she said, and kissed him.

            The living room door flew open and the Celryn marched in, their battle formations spectacular, but they stopped dead when they saw Matt and Anna outlined against the snowy light, locked in an embrace.

The End

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