18 Part 1

            “I found a camera,” Anna said. “In here – embedded in the bookshelf.” Matt looked around wildly. “I smashed it – it’s gone, now.”

            “There’ll be more of them. The Celryn never let go,” he said, still ashamed of giving in to his weakness. While I was Celryn, I would never have cried, he thought to himself, but knew it was a lie.

            He had cried, that first night after he had Turned. He was crying for the life that he had lost, the people he would never be able to see again. He was crying because of the pain, the sensation of all his skin being ripped off and replaced with metal, straight onto the raw muscle. Yes, he had cried. And not just that first night, either. For many nights, he had done, for several months.

            Until one day, he overcame those feelings and cast them off. Matt was strong, after that. He didn’t have feelings, not any more.

            “We need to find them all, and destroy them,” he said decisively to Anna. She nodded and then hesitated.

            “We should keep one and try and reverse its locator,” she said.

            “I’m sorry?” said Matt, who had no idea whether Anna actually did know what she was talking about, but had no better ideas, and so was willing to listen to her.

            “We can use it to get back into the Celryn’s system,” she explained excitedly. “If we reverse it, we won’t just find out where they are, we’ll be able to get into their system, too!” Matt nodded.

            “Just one thing – do you know how to do this?”

            “Of course!” Anna replied. “If I plug the camera in via the USB port, and open up the Navigator page, then click ‘reverse’ it should…” She continued in the vein for some time, and Matt zoned out. Okay, so maybe, in this instance, Anna did know more than he did.

            “That’s all very well,” he said sceptically, “but won’t they see us doing it?” She shook her head.

            “No, I’ll disable the camera,” Anna told him confidently. At his impressed look, she added, “What? I spend all my time tinkering with the computer when it breaks – I’m quite capable of a little thing like this!”

            He looked at her, ever so slowly. “Little?” he mouthed.

            “But that’s not the point,” Anna went on, ignoring Matt’s reaction, although it was flattering. “We’ve got to find them first.” He nodded.

            “They will be in the garden,” he decided. “You were training there, were you not?” Anna replied affirmatively. “They will have wanted to see what you could do – that’s where they’ll have placed cameras.”

            Matt glanced through the glass sliding doors that attached the living room to the conservatory. One could see right through to the garden, and it was immediately obvious that the snow was still falling, and heavily.

            “Ouch. Chilly,” he muttered. Anna laughed.

            “I’ll soon warm you up,” she said. He raised his eyebrows, perhaps wondering if there was some double meaning there.

            “No!” she exclaimed, catching his drift. “Don’t be so dirty minded!” He grinned.

            “Sorry. I’m a guy – we’re like that.” Anna frowned, trying not to laugh. To cover her embarrassment she placed her middle finger on his shoulder. She knew that one’s power went directly through the middle finger, and she felt for the magic beneath the surface of her brain.

            Warmth, she whispered, and right away, she knew that Matt now had the same burning fire beneath his skin that she had placed under her own, because he gasped and looked at her in shock.

            “Did Aelvyn teach you that?” he asked. She shook her head, almost proudly.

            “No, I worked it out for myself.” As the two of them unlocked the doors and stepped outside, Anna caught Matt looking at her with a new respect, finally understanding just how much power she had.

            They had been outside only a few minutes when Anna gave a shout. She had found another camera, hidden by the fence post. Now that she had noticed it, it was hard to see why she hadn’t seen it before, but she guessed it was because she was too focused on her power.


            A little way away, somewhere out in Space, the Celryn muttered as the girl approached their camera. She was getting wise to their tricks – they had already lost one camera. This was beginning to get irritating.

The End

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