10 Part 1

            Angie opened her eyes. There was a nasty taste in her mouth, and she realised that she had been unconscious. Turning, she saw that her husband was beside her. She tried to call out to him, but there was something around her mouth that stopped her from talking.

            Greg, similarly, was bound and gagged, so much so that he was unable to move. Angie let out an exasperated grunt in her head, and lifted her bound hands to pull of her gag. It wasn’t working - they were too well tied.

            Three minutes later it was loose enough to slip off and she breathed a deep sigh of relief. It was good to have it off - the fabric had been cutting into her cheeks. Anyway, it tasted disgusting.

            “Greg?” she hissed. He opened his eyes and looked round, his eyebrow going up when he saw her in her current position - tied up awkwardly.

            “Nggh,” he said, past the gag. But Angie could not untie it for him; not with her hands tied as they were.

            “Hang on a minute!” she whispered, starting to work on the ropes around her arms. As she started to wriggle, loosening them, she glanced around furtively, hoping that none of the Celryn were in the vicinity. Using her teeth and feet to untie it, Angie managed to pull of her bonds, but it took about ten minutes. The entire time she was looking around, hoping that she would not be caught.

            “There!” she said triumphantly, sidling over to untie Greg’s. He smiled at her gratefully and massaged his jaw.

            “Where are we?” he whispered, wary of attracting the Celryn’s attention by talking aloud. Angie shook her head.

            “I don’t know. Some sort of space ship, I think.” In surprise, Greg looked around, and saw that she was right.

            The room was of brushed aluminium - the walls, the spiral staircase that dominated one corner, the desks that lined the walls … everything. It was almost rectangular, but had curved corners, which gave the illusion that it was in fact circular, but with corners.

            The desks around the walls supported large screens, computers, keyboards and other technology. They were the epitome of high-tech, and Angie felt her eyes growing as wide as saucers. She had never had much to do with technology - so much of it in one place was quite overpowering.

            Through the portholes of the windows they could see stars, but they were not close up - evidently, they had not travelled all that far. The edge of the Earth could just be seen.

            “Oh my gosh.” Greg’s words summed it all up. “We have left the planet!” Angie bit her lip.

            “Do you think Anna won the fight?” she said. Greg looked at her gravely. They had almost forgotten about their daughter.

            “She must have done. Surely the Telcontar would have arrived?” But they had no way of knowing, and nothing they could tell each other would stop either of them worrying.

            “If they did survive - if they won - do you think they told her?” said Angie, a new worry creasing her brow. Greg looked perplexed.

            “Told her what?” he said.

            “Told her the truth!” Angie said, exasperated at his slowness. “They must know what she is - must know who her parents really are!” A look of comprehension was dawning on Greg’s face.

            “She deserves to know, Angie,” he said slowly, still in awe at the idea that they were in space. “We should have told her years ago.”

            Angie nodded. “I just didn’t want her to have to face it,” she admitted. “What would it have done to her if we had told her that she was adopted? She’d never have listened to a word we said!” They both laughed, and for a moment the atmosphere lightened. Then they remembered who they were talking about, and their smiles vanished.

The End

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