4 Part 2

“Callie, Kathryn, to me!” she said, deciding on the spot that nothing would be gained from dwelling on the subject. Her friends ran over.

            “Is that them?” they said, their eyes wide with shock at the sight of these creatures of nightmare. She nodded.

            “They’re after me, and being with me will condemn you,” Anna told them matter-of-factly. “But it’s also keeping you safe, because I know how to deal with them. I saw Matt do it, all those months ago.”

            “Silver?” said Callie, whose blonde hair was glowing that very colour in the light of the imminent attack.

            “Silver and fire,” replied Anna. “They have a heart of ice.” She took from her pocket a lighter, but it was hard to see in the light.

            “What’s that?”

            “It’s a lighter, doughnut,” Anna replied. “I’ve carried it around with me ever since Matt told me how to deal with them.” She then emptied her pockets further and revealed ten silver crosses.

            “What are you going to do?” Kathryn said, her voice fearful. Anna realised how hard this was for her friends, because to see something that before had always been a nightmare was going to be hard, especially if you then had to fight it.

            “I’m going to set them on fire,” she said. She flicked the lighter on, and held the crosses over it. Though they were metal, they caught ablaze, and were soon burning merrily in the palm of Anna’s hand.

            “It doesn’t hurt me,” she told her friends, who had started to panic. “It’s alight because there’s magic involved - silver doesn’t normally burn.”

            “Anna!” called Matt. “What are you doing?” The Celryn had almost reached them.

            “Saving our lives!” she replied. There was a thud. The Celryn had landed.

Instantly, Anna jumped out from the bush. The Celryn turned towards her. They had no interest in the Telcontar who was protecting her - the girl was what they wanted. Two of their best soldiers leapt towards her; teeth bared, wings opened. She held the crosses in her palm and waited for the moment.

            One of them took her arm, and started to drag her towards the rest of the group. She placed a cross on the base of its spine. When the fire started to spread, she moved the silver to its wings, as Matt had done when he fought the two that attacked her before.

            It screamed.

            The other, foolishly, tried to bite her, its black and red eyes glittering with hate and anticipation. She placed a cross against its eyes, and then moved it to his wings. The creature fell back, blinded.

            In less than two minutes, they were Telcontar, and joined Matt as he fought to protect Anna. They had no crosses, but their own powers were enough to fight against the creatures that they had once been.

            Anna heard a whimper from behind her. She thought how this must look to her friends - probably like the special effects in a film. Bright lights were flashing everywhere, and the Celryn seemed to be hit by lightning shooting from the hands of the three Telcontar.

            “Everything’s, Callie, honestly!” said Anna, seeing that her young friend, who after all was only twelve, was crying with fear.

            One of the Celryn tried to take advantage of her distraction and leapt on her. Its teeth were fastened on her neck and she couldn’t breathe from the fear.

            “Matt!” she screamed. “Matt, help me!” He spun around, taking in the scene immediately. Anna watched as his own wings, white and feathered, burst from his shirt as he jumped towards her, spinning in mid-air and despatching the demon with a kick. His eyes were glowing bright gold as he pressed three crosses into the creature’s skin, shooting fire down its throat from his fingertips.

            Anna took a step back. She was not sure what was more terrifying - Matt or the creature.

The End

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