3 Part 2

“How do you know my name?” she gasped. “Have you been spying on me?”

            Matt laughed. “You could say that. But it was in the interests of protection. I knew they would come for you. It was only a matter of time.” He paused, all traces of humour gone from his now-grave face.

            “Goodbye, Anna. You’re in danger here, remember. There are always more of them – so get out of here, and quickly.”

            Before she could stop him, before she could even say goodbye, Matt had taken off through the open window, the two new Telcontar following him faithfully. Of course, it had not been that night that Anna had found out his name. No, he had told her that two months later, when he came back to check on her.

            The Celryn. Anna thought of their reptilian appearance and shuddered. For the Celryn were aliens, though not of the green blobby sort that frequented sci-fi movies.

            “They could well have been, though,” she used to say. “They were evil, highly technologically advanced, and they abducted people.”

            But they weren’t. If you saw one of the Celryn in the street, they would look as ordinary as every other person on the street. But that was because you would only see what was on the surface.

            Perhaps, if you looked carefully, you might notice that their eyes were black, with red pupils. You might see that there was a bump in the back of their shirts where their wings were hidden. And you might have noticed that they shied away from the sight of a cross. But one who did not look closely would not have noticed these things until it was too late.

            The Celryn had only one goal in life, only one skill. To Destroy. Whether it was a continent, a planet, an entire solar system … that was what their goal was. And ultimately, they wanted to destroy heaven, too.

            There are people who say that heaven is not a physical place, but for beings that can enter the spiritual realm, too, it surely is.

            And if they can destroy heaven, will they destroy what is inside it? This is the question that has plagued people like Matt and Anna for months and months.

            Because, you see, Matt was special. As Anna was about to tell her friends, although she was dreading it, he was not human. He was of another race, one designed to recreate everything the Celryn destroyed. If, however, they destroyed heaven, no Telcontar in the universe would be strong enough to remake it. That was the name of Matt’s race. Telcontar.

            The Celryn had wings sprouting from their hunched and twisted backs. They were small enough to fit under a shirt, and jet-black in colour. Their skin rippled and moved, and when they are alone it went to its normal colour – black as obsidian. Their heart was made of ice, and they were completely emotionless.

            They had a tail, too, although it was rarely visible, and their tongues were black.

            They were, in effect, devils. And maybe that was their job, too. For if they were trying to destroy heaven - if they were trying to destroy God - who else could they be working for?

            Anna got up, and went over to her friends. The cloud - which she knew was not a cloud - had not yet arrived. There was still time. Matt started to back away from the fire. And reluctantly, unwillingly, she started to tell her friends the story she had kept from them all these years.

The End

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