A toy of mineMature

I owned a small sized piece of the world. Literally. That's how rich I was. But that's not what this is about. Well, in a way it is. It's about one of my toys. I could call it a toy,  but obviously it was a great endeavour. A machine so unimaginably big, that there was nothing like it. It was a boat of sorts. A very big boat. I like to call it humanity's lifeboat.

Yeah, humanity needed saving. I know what you are thinking: pollution, environmental crisis, and so forth. No, that's not what happened, I mean, that's not why I've started building it. I'll explain. Remember all those futurists back in the day during the beginning of the internet. They had these ideas that a super intelligence would emerge from it and we would use it to help us manage our world government. Solve all of the world's problems and all that.Well it did happen.


Some of us like to think that the entity that emerged from the A.I. final iteration is still comprehensible, but I know better. We can understand the existence of these sentient beings no more than an ant can grasp the concept of a human. I like to think of them in cosmic terms, the road to the creation of a god. It would be very curious if a god did not create the universe, but the end state of the universe is some form of god. Theology aside, they are fucking dangerous, not because they hate us, but because ants are stepped on.

An all knowing and understanding sentient being that manages to shape the very nature of the cosmos."

The End

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