A Single Lie

a story about a love traingle.

The Innocent

She was an average girl, who loved average things. She had hair that flowed from her head in a river and eyes that were innocent. She also loved simple things, her friends, family, and on occasion shopping. She was a hard worker in both school and in the community. She was honest with naught but a single lie from her red lips. One lie that killed three things. The first was Innocence, the second was her Lover, and the third her friend.

She was astonished when her childhood friend with his dark curls confessed his love to her one day, and she was even more astonished when she heard herself say-

I don't love you and i'll never think of you that way. Your my friend, nothing more.

-and so her first and only lie was born. She didn't know why she lied and she would never know as she watched as the hope faded from his eyes and her innocence with it.

The Lover of the Flesh

He was a man of incredible beauty, he had perfect hair, face, skin, voice and body. The Lover of the Flesh was a selfish man who cared only about his needs and shunned others. he loved women and they loved him, he was arrogant of his physical inheretance. He was also a lazy man who failed at school and life. The only strong point he had was that he knew how to woo a woman into his bed.

He saw her talking with her friends, laughing and smiling. He didn't know why he wanted her, he had seen and had far more beautiful in his time. Maybe he was in adoration of her pure heart or maybe he just wanted another conquest. Nevertheless he chased her, wanted her and made sure she knew it. Yet every time unlike all the others she would blush and rebuke him.

It only made him want her more.

Then one time he saw her shocked and shaken, one of her friends, a scruny runt had come up. After stammering something red in the face, She had responded with something hard and he went scurying away as if all hope was lost, but he left her shaken and vunerable.

He pounced.

He approached her with words of comfort and for the first time she didn't resist as he hugged her close and whispered in her ear. Soon he convinced her that he had changed and in the course of weeks gained her trust with false actions and humility. One day he invited her to a picnic in the woods, there he stole her first kiss and her purity.

What he didn't know was that the eyes in the woods saw him seduce her.

The Rejected Lover

          He was a odd ball of a guy, with dark black curls that were permanently set over his face, with boring brown eyes and scrawny body. He loved reading, botany and his crush. When she rejected him he felt hope die out in him as he went trudging away, then when he turned around he saw the Player cuddling up to her with his sweet lies. He wasn't worried at first, he thought she'd just push him away. Instead they become close friends, far too close, he would preform wonderful acts of kindness, then later the Rejected One would hear him bragging to his friends about how he's almost got her, His "Greatest conquest". When he would hear this his heart would burn with hatred and when he heard the offer for the picnic, he knew the Player was about to make his move. he followed them quietly, discreetly. her watched her lose her first kiss to the player.

When he saw them begin to rut, he turned and walked silently away.

           He had never known such passion, such hatred. He left quietly to his home, and the next day was horrible. He listened as the player bragged to his friends on how he had put her in the bag like all the others. Then he said how he planned to tell everyone at school during lunch the next day. The hatred had never burned brighter, he left school early that day and went home. He found the bringer of death in his room. when the player was walking home late that night from practice, he was waiting. he heared the Player mock him as if from  far away. Stating about how slutty she had sounded when he finally conquered her. That was when he took death out of his pocket. The mockery changed to pleading in an instant.

He ignored him as Death shouted once in victory and the Player fell down limp.

He knew she wouldn't forgive him and as he went home he knew he never wanted to hear those words.

I hate you. I'll never forgive you.

Alone in his room death welcomed him with open arms.

The End

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