A Simpler Time Part VII

Barry reached into his shirt pocket and pulled out a pack of cigarettes. Though he was already halfway through the smokes, the packaging was still in pristine condition. He pulls open the flap and pulls out of the 8 remaining cigarettes, careful not to disturb the one that had been flipped outside down - an old habit. "Funny," he thought. It perplexed him that he remembered this old habit from his youth, yet, he has not recollection on the rest of his past. Perhaps that's why he needed Jimmy. 

Jimmy sat across from Barry, hands folded, with a half a glass of Scotch in front of him. They had started out the night with wine, which turned into brandy's, and now they've moved onto Scotch. He needed the intoxication, it made it easier to believe everything Jimmy was telling him. It was strange, to feel like he was learning about himself for the first time, yet having a vague recollection of these events unfolding before him at one time.

They had been friends since elementary school, meeting for the first time outside the principal's office. Jimmy had thrown a rock at a bird, but broke a window instead. Barry had left peanut butter in a girl's hair. They became classmates in the fourth grade, becoming friends when working on a project to build an Edgar Allen Poe diorama. When Jimmy fell through thin ice during a game of ice hockey, it was Barry who pulled him out, allowing Jimmy to live on with nothing more with slight hearing loss in his right ear. Jimmy had wanted to travel around the world since he was a kid, but stayed behind when his father could no longer run the bank. It was Barry who move to LA, became a movie star, and shot on location all around the globe. 

Before tonight, Barry did not know any of this. Yet once Jimmy told him about it, Barry could not fathom how he had no recollection of it in the first place.

"And, that's really all there's been to it." Jimmy took a sip from his glass. "You made your pictures, collected a few million dollars. And the rest of us have just been chugging slowly along."

This perked Barry's interest. 

"When you say we," Barry asked. "Who exactly do you mean?"

"Well. There's Will and Mryna." Jimmy said with a raise eyebrows. "Those two have been doing well. Will's been solving more cases after he retired than he did before."

"They are detectives?" Barry inquired.

"Well, Will is a detective. Myrna helps out. You know how she gets."

Barry recognized this. He thought hard, and took the leap.

"Do they still have that dog?"

Jimmy took a cigarette out of Barry's stash, and leaned back as he replied.

"Oh yes. Asta. That dog isn't going anywhere. As much trouble as ever. Running around the house all day and making those two chase after him."

This all sounded ever so familiar to Barry. But just a minute ago, it was even closer to him. It was almost as if he had seen the dog before, and knew exactly what Jimmy was talking about. Who else was there? Who were his friends? He had seen Clark, Jimmy showed up, and now he is also friends with Will Powell and Myrna Loy. Just how much more fantastic can this dream get?

The End

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