A Simpler Time Part VI

“Well see here Barry, you wouldn’t be loaning me the money. It would be for the bank, which is really more of an investment into the bank. And as you know, they usually have pretty good return on investments.”

Barry looked up his cappuccino clock. It’s actually a very normal clock that just happened to have a picture of a cup of cappuccino on it. Though, a clock in the shape of a cup of cappuccino would be significantly more stylish. Unfortunately, also quite contemporary, something Barry didn’t really favor. 

It’d been almost 45 minutes now since Jimmy Stewart first waltzed through the doorway with his southern drawl and awkward politeness. Barry was still as dazzled as he was 45 minutes prior. Add to the fact that Jimmy Stewart was asking him to invest in a bank, Barry was more interested in what was to come next rather than what had already been.

“Listen Jimmy. Why do you think I have enough money to invest in a bank?” Barry was really hoping that Jimmy would say the exact words going through Barry’s mind.

“Aww come on now Barry, don’t be like that. You can just say no.”

“Jimmy, I am just curious as to how you have the idea that I have enough money to invest into a bank, that’s all.”

“It’s all over the papers Barry. Your last two pictures made you over twenty two million dollars!”

That was above and beyond what Barry had hoped to hear. When Jimmy had called him a Hollywood star, he expected good news, but this…

“I didn’t think that kind of information made it into newspapers. Is that legal? How do they get that kind of data?”

“I’m not sure Barry, but everyone knows. There’s no good to hiding it either. It’s in every single paper out there. I am surprised you don’t have other people knocking down your door.”

“Me too Jimmy, me too. Well, back to the, the, uh, topic at hand. What is it that you need?”

“Well Barry, just as I was saying, it’s an investment for the bank. I can’t just collect on those folks now. It’s all tied up in their houses, and their businesses. If I just collect, they will lose everything Barry. Everything.”

“I know Jimmy. What I meant was, how much money do you need?”

Jimmy’s face lit up. “You’re gonna help Barry?”

“Of course Jimmy. You could just collect from those folks, but you are not, because you are thinking of them. I am going to help you however I can.”

Jimmy Stewart filled up the two glasses. He did so grinning from cheek to cheek. “This is swell Barry, real swell. The townsfolk are really going to appreciate this Barry. And when the newspaper get wind of this, let me tell you…”

“Jimmy, I don’t need that. But, I do need you to help me with something.”

“Well, yeah sure Barry, what can I do for you?”

Barry took a sip of the wine from his glass. Before he placed the glass down, he wiped away the water ring left behind on his wooden table. It would be atrocious for the moisture to get into the cracks.

“I need you to tell me what you know about me. Everything you know about me.”

The End

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