A Simpler Time Part IV

The Moonwink Diner poster was the first thing Jimmy noticed when Barry opened the door. While Barry stood in awe, Jimmy’s eyes were immediately dialed in on the artwork on his dining table.

“Well gosh, would ya look at that. How did you come by this fine piece of work?” Jimmy inquired as he ever so politely brushed past Barry and the apartment. Barry didn’t care that he wasn’t acknowledged. It was Jimmy Stewart. In his apartment.

“I uh, just saw it on the bathroom wall, and decided to take it home.” Barry told him. He found it strange that he was comfortable being so honest about having committed petty theft.

Jimmy ran his fingers over the wooden frame. When he was done caressing it, he picked it up and examined the illustration.

“Geez, that sure is a heck of a moon. Ha, I didn’t take you much for someone who appreciates art.” 

Barry didn’t know what to say. It seemed like a big deal was being made over a piece of bathroom art from a hipster bar, but he couldn’t express that out loud, not to Jimmy Stewart.

“Well, I guess…that…sometimes, you just like what you see.” He managed to stutter out. 

Jimmy Steward reached out for a handshake. There was a genuine look of pleasure on his face. Barry couldn’t understand why this man was so happy to see him. That however was a query of a much lower priority. How did Jimmy Stewart know him? How is this man still alive? The last time Barry checked on the internet, Jimmy died in 1997.

“Well it’s sure nice to see you Barry. It’s been long time hasn’t it? We haven’t talked much since you moved up north here.”

“I honestly can’t even remember the last time we spoke Jimmy.” Barry replied with very stern honesty. “What brings you up here from LA?”

“LA? Ha! You must be confusing me with one of your other friends. I’ve never been to LA.”

“You haven’t.” Barry tried to make it sound like a statement, but Jimmy picked up on that right away.

“Gosh, your head really is somewhere else. Well, LA would be a nice place to visit, but other than Vancouver, I’ve never left Pennsylvania.”

Barry tried his best to piece it together, but he felt as if he was in another part of space and time, and he had no idea of his own history. “So that means that I’ve been to Pennsylvania.” Barry don’t remember ever setting foot in the Quaker State.

Jimmy gave him a fake punch to the shoulder. “Aww come on now Barry. Don’t tell me you forget all about your past just because you made a few movies?”

The night’s been interesting to say the least, but Barry found this development to be the most captivating. “A few movies?”

“Alright alright, more than a few. I know, I know, you’re a big movie star and all.”

Barry turned around to pull out a chair. This reality is very alarming. Yet on the other hand, it sounds like it might be a lot of fun. 

“So Jimmy. Tell me more about what you’ve heard about me.”

The End

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