a simpler time

just random, and if anyone cares enough, you could add or finish it if you want :)
bold= male char.
bold+italic= female char.

the patter of the ball hitting the glove has taken me back to my childhood ; back to a simpler time where i could float through life without a worry in the world.  i had become so caught up with my memories, that i almost missed the ball flying past my head.  a slight sprinkle has started and i close my eyes to take in the feeling of the rain as it hits my skin; out of nowhere i hear a familiar voice call out to me, "HEY! Throw the ball over here!"; my best friend stands across the field from me and has gotten into a stance that shows that she is ready for the ball.  she is the prettiest girl in our grade.  she has dark brown hair, bright blue eyes, a medium complexion, and when the lights hits her just right, she glows.  "Hang on!" i shout out.  I start walking toward her, and as soon as she saw that, she started walking toward me.  as we get closer, my mind starts racing and my heart starts pounding.  "What's wrong?" she asks.  "I have something to tell you" i say, and let out a nervous laugh.  "Yeah, what is it?" i blush as i let out another nervous laugh,  "Don't think i'm weird or anything, but i think i am falling for you."

The End

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