Moving time.

3rd of July

Dear diary,

We have moved. To some place in the countryside. It's so boring, even the birds have flown away. Lucky them.

Our house is a cottage near a farm in the south of England. I admit it is quite a cute cottage though, with its red door, honeysuckle growing up the sides, blue shutters on the windows, and even some quaint flowers in the window boxes. Not my kind of thing, but close enough.

The day we moved it was raining. We left at 4 and got there at about 8. And suprisingly it had stopped raining. Unusual for England. But anyway, we arrived and my mum straight away had to start unpacking. "Sunday, come unpack your clothes!", she shouted at me as soon as the moving company left. I hate unpacking. I'm going to explore instead.

Love Sunday Xx

The End

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